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Environmental Volunteering and Eco-Education

Across the world, ecosystems and wildlife are dwindling. More than ever, our earth is feeling the impact of human expansion, deforestation, highway-building, and the like. Plastic pollution as well as global warming are harming our marine environments at an alarming rate. Currently, however, there is more effort than ever before in the realm of environmental and ecosystem rehabilitation. It is an exciting time to get involved in environmentalism and moreover, environmental volunteer opportunities, as there is a resurgence in the global idea of needing to return to nature through reforestation and such efforts.
Volunteer in environmental conservation abroad and not only give back to this wonderful planet, but become connected with nature and learn about how you and others can minimize your carbon footprints. You can immediately become an ambassador for environmentalism. Volunteering in conservation is a grand learning experience and a move to help the world become a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable place.
Environmental activism is taking the world by storm. Millenials are fighting as climate activists to stop climate change and preserve our environment. Both individuals, such as Greta Thunberg, and even large organizations such as GreenPeace are leading this movement. These individuals and groups are showing the world the harmful effects of plastic pollution and carbon. The World Wildlife Fund has for years been fighting to protect wildlife species around the globe that are losing their habitats and facing extinction.
Like these large influencers, GoEco is also a large supporter of environmentalism and is using its social media platforms to inform our followers how climate change is negatively affecting the world’s ecosystems and their wildlife. In addition to this, however, GoEco is largely encouraging environmental volunteers to step up and physically be a part of the movement by joining environmental volunteer projects. GoEco’s environmental volunteer opportunities have long-term goals that work to ensure the preservation of the environment and its ecosystems, across the globe.
An environmental volunteer, Maria, joined our Private Island Marine Experience in Belize and learned techniques for preserving marine environments. She said, ”Lionfish are an invasive species, destroying the corals and unbalancing the marine ecosystem in the Caribbean Sea. We speared 164 lionfish in two weeks. It was an amazing experience; I definitely gained a new perspective and more awareness of the issues humans and other animals are doing to the ecosystem.”
An environmental activist named Rachel volunteered to conserve the wetland environment of Valencia, Spain. She said, “I recently graduated from college with an environmental degree. I knew I wanted to spend some time volunteering, but I also knew I wanted to gain experience in my field. One day we physically got into the water and took samples to determine whether or not the water was becoming more or less polluted. We weeded, cut down trees, planted new trees, and picked up garbage in the surrounding park. When I volunteered I always felt that I was making a difference.”
Alasdair, who took part in environmental volunteerism by volunteering to help conserve the coral reefs of the Great Barrier Reef, said “Yes the Great Barrier Reef is clearly at risk; we were seeing significant amounts of bleached coral. But it is far from all doom and gloom. Emerging from the water with not simply an appreciation for, but also an understanding of what I was seeing when I was down there is what is making me want to go back, and underlines the importance of the continuation of conservation projects on the Great Barrier Reef.”
GoEco is a world leader in environmental volunteering. We offer 20 environmental protection volunteering programs, and many others that have sustainability components mixed in with other volunteer tasks. We offer programs whose goal is to protect coral reefs, programs that focus on recycling and even programs that focus on the conservation of a specific species such as sea turtles, that include weekly beach cleans. When it comes to environmental volunteering and conservation, GoEco is leading the way by promoting these programs heavily and encouraging volunteers to get more involved.
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