Charles’ Volunteer Experience in South Africa – My Experience

Posted by: Charles M.

If I was to describe my experience at the Wild Cat Sanctuary project in one word it would be “home.” I felt right at home with the family, they were most welcoming and loving people. You can truly tell they love what they do and they appreciate every single person’s help during your stay.

I can honestly say it was a life-changing experience. To work in such close proximity with such glorious animals was a breathtaking experience and changed my life forever. Coming from Canada, I can tell you that while many people take for granted the work that is required to protect and save these wild animals, the work and dedication of volunteers from around the world goes a very long way.

I developed a routine during my 23 days at the sanctuary; every morning I would bring the capuchin monkey a piece of fruit and say hello and then follow up by getting my “morning kisses” or licks from my favorite cheetah in the world. After that I would get ready for my work day and get on with the daily tasks assigned to my group, followed by a larger project established around the sanctuary. During my lunch hour, I would go sit with Sara, an injured caracal in healing at the sanctuary, and relax in the sun as she rubbed up against me and licked my legs. After the lunch break I would be up and ready for more afternoon work before we took a break for the rest of the evening. I would then go sit with Bobby, my favorite little monkey ever; often times after I would take a walk around the sanctuary to take various photos and videos for lasting memories.

Personally, I bonded with the family very well, and I intend to go back one day soon in order to visit them and volunteer once more. Every day I miss being with the animals and the experience will forever be in my heart.