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Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Although small, Sri Lanka is a fascinating and beautiful island country located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of India. It boasts pristine beaches, unspoilt landscapes, an abundance of flora and fauna, and intriguing wildlife, all waiting to be explored. The local cultural richness will add flavor to any of GoEco's volunteer programs here, with multiple cultural festivals all year around celebrating the spiritualism and ritualistic qualities of the Sri Lankan people. Volunteering in Sri Lanka will provide the opportunity to give back to its unique communities, while providing volunteers with an authentic experience that will truly be unforgettable! read more
Volunteer in Sri Lanka and participate in a variety of amazing opportunities. Stroll along the beaches, hike the rolling hills, and visit amazing sites, all while giving back to local communities!
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Travel to beautiful Sri Lanka, visit ancient UNESCO World Heritage Sites, walk in the path of Buddhist pilgrims, and swim in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. Volunteer for turtle conservation on one of Sri Lanka's spectacular...
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