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Volunteer in Kenya

Kenya is located on the Eastern coast of Africa bordered by Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and the Indian Ocean. Although small in size for an African country, Kenya has a diverse terrain: national parks and reserves, snowy mountains, dry deserts and tropical beaches. Even more interesting than the country’s vast beauty are the many people and cultures that inhabit it. If you are ready for an adventure and determined to improve the quality of people’s lives, then  volunteering abroad in Kenya is the perfect choice for you.
Volunteer options in Kenya include opportunities centered around community development efforts including teaching, community building, and healthcare. If you are interested in environmental and wildlife volunteering, then volunteering on the savannahs and in the deltas is definitely for you.
Nairobi, the capital, is the largest city in the country. Almost half of the country’s inhabitants reside in poverty due to ongoing economic and social inequality throughout country. Many volunteer projects focus on  providing aid in fields such as health, teaching and community development. In such a metropolitan city, there is also plenty to do in your free time such as visit a safari and enjoy good local cuisine.
Mombasa, located on the Indian Ocean, is affected by the same social and economic problems as Nairobi, therefore, similar volunteer opportunities are available. Free time in this coastal city includes activities like snorkeling and diving in protected marines, exploring reserves and enjoying the relaxed, beachy vibe.
Medical volunteering goes a long way in Kenya. The Kenyan population is heavily affected by HIV/AIDS as well as other serious illnesses, and is in need of health educators. Opting for a position in health gives you the opportunity to educate both the Kenyan people and other health educators on disease, disease prevention and treatment.
The demand for teacher volunteers in Kenya is high. The school system is confronted with challenges such as limited resources, overcrowding, and the lack of education professionals. Teaching in Kenya is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities and will teach you to be prepared for anything.
If you are interested in environmental and animal conservation as well as community development, then volunteering abroad in Kenya - specifically in the rural regions of the country will undeniably be the best choice for you. There are countless opportunities for you to witness the majesty of wildlife in the savannahs and deltas  as well as engage with the people who live nearby. You will learn a lot about the community and about yourself by being immersed in a local village - you must be prepared to rough it!
No matter which volunteer opportunity you pursue in Kenya, your efforts will go far. If you have an adventurous and giving heart, volunteering in Kenya is for you. The experiences you will gain will never be forgotten by you or the recipients of your good actions.
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