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Volunteer in China

China is a vast Asian country that plays home to some of the world’s most populated and sprawling cities, rural farmlands and palaces from dynasties long ago. It is a country of great contrast: the cities are fast-paced, always running at one hundred percent, and the rural countryside shows a quaint, lesser known side of China. The country contains one of the greatest wonders of the man-made world -  the only man made landmark that can be seen from space - The Great Wall of China. Beijing, the country’s capital is one of the nation’s six, ancient cities, rich with ruins from a time long ago. In Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in the country, you can see the infamous Terracotta Warriors and dip into the Huaqing Hot Springs. In the city of Chengdu, you can hang out with (and volunteer with) pandas! Volunteering abroad in China will allow you to practice Mandarin and explore one of the largest countries on this earth all while participating in community service projects that greatly impact the country and it’s people. 

The volunteer abroad opportunities that most people choose to get involved with in China include teaching English, exploring the countryside and participating in panda and wildlife protection and conservation. The most popular cities to volunteer in include Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, and Chengdu. 

Volunteering with children, you will be doing very meaningful work. Due to the Chinese law restricting citizens to only one child, many children are abandoned or adopted and put in homes. It is an unfortunate situation that demands a lot of oversight and extra care for these children, and volunteering to help out truly goes a long way. 

China is definitely the best place to go if you are interested in volunteering in panda conservation. In the past, panda’s were on their way to being extinct. Due to concentrated efforts in reviving the species, the panda population, as of late, has been on the rise. The only way to keep this up, is to maintain these efforts of conservation, and continue to educate on the topic. The city of Chengdu is the best place to go to work with pandas. Known as the “country of heaven” or “land of abundance”, Chengdu houses a panda breeding and research center, well known to many. Choose to volunteer with the pandas and have the chance to explore the southwestern region and all of its treasures. 

If you choose to volunteer in China, travel the land and experience the history and culture of the country. There is a lot to be learned in simply talking with people or enjoying a meal in multiple regions. China is an interesting place with never ending opportunities to learn, so volunteer in china and you will surely have the experience of a lifetime. 
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Volunteers are welcome to assist in an exciting and rewarding program with giant pandas in China. Make a real impact on conservation efforts for this vulnerable species
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