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Volunteer in Tanzania

Most people associate the extensive country of Tanzania with the magnificent hiking experience synonymous with the world renowned Mt Kilimanjaro, in addition you can discover the vast African terrain of the Serengeti or sunbathe on the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar while still making time to indulge in fresh seafood and spice markets. Volunteering abroad in Tanzania, despite being an incredible opportunity to visit these magical natural wonders, is about discovering a new connection to humanity. This ultimately comes from the beautiful energy of the people and their surrounds, of their appreciation for the natural world, food, clean water and education. The communities and way of life are unlike any place you’ve visited before. 
Geographically, Tanzania is comprised of an elaborate collection of natural reserves teeming with incredible African wildlife, a picturesque coastline, bordered by aquamarine waters and thriving indigenous and culturally diverse communities.
In terms of landscape diversity, Tanzania must be in the top 3 of all Africa has to offer, from the island life of Zanzibar to the largest city of Dar es Salaam all the way to the savannah gateway of Arusha, there isn’t much you won’t find.
Almost 80% of the close to 48 million people that inhabit the stunning country live in rural areas and unfortunately the unemployment rate is to far off from this number either. The country and its people encompass and represent the best of both the old and the new - with the bustling city of Arusha located in close proximity of indigenous Maasai communities comprising of age old warriors and Maasai women adorned in beads who live in thatched huts.
Regardless of where your interests lie, volunteer work within this stunning country is always highly sought after. Every volunteer will make a marginal impact - be it in education, community development or conservation efforts. With such a selection of volunteer abroad opportunities, Tanzania is a perfect fit for anyone looking to make a real difference. During your time in this diverse and exciting place you will encounter warm people and a real sense of the African landscape - wild animals and the true savannah. You will be met and embraced with warmth and will undeniably walk away with a greater insight and understanding, not only if the vast continent but of the beautiful people and creatures that inhabit it. Over and above this new world view you will walk away with a sense of achievement and a full heart knowing you have inspired and made a real difference in the lives of many.
If breathtaking scenery, treks and wildlife, African tribal culture, adventure living and the feeling of giving back to unique and worthwhile projects are your thing - now is the time to start planning your volunteer experience in Tanzania. You won’t regret it!
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