Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering is the pursuit of employees participating in a company-organized or sponsored program dedicated to positively engaging in ethical community, wildlife and environmental initiatives. Traditionally, corporations have donated money in support of worthy causes; however, a volunteer mission would be far more beneficial to the company and its employees if the work could be dispersed among the divisions of the company.


Return of Investment

Whether you send employees around the corner or around the world, companies who dedicate their time to the betterment of society will instill workplace pride in its employees, allowing them to build relationships between coworkers, and improve and acquire new and valuable skills. Even a short volunteer experience will allow employees to bond with other coworkers around a cause which is aligned with the company’s values and vision. Dedicating time outside of the office will provide employees with a better understanding of the difference the company is trying to make in the community at large. Research shows that the newest members of the workforce (Millennials and Gen Z) are in search of meaning and purpose when it comes to choosing a company. Therefore, dedicating funds to sending your employees to work directly with causes close to their hearts, and yours, will yield an excellent ROI.


Boost your Business

Another point to consider is whether your company is looking to expand their business into foreign countries and markets. Sending employees to volunteer abroad can provide valuable insight into the work ethics and cultures of other countries. As for employer branding, which undoubtedly lies at the heart of the company’s recruitment efforts, many Millennials and Gen Z newly joining the working class are prioritizing social duty and responsibility as one of their ideal company traits. Offering volunteer experiences to exotic locations where employees can make meaningful contributions, could be the next answer to boosted talent recruitment.


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Here are some suitable programs, to serve as an inspiration:



South Africa – Cape Town Community Projects



South Africa – Wildlife Rehabilitation Center



Costa Rica – Animal Rescue and Conservation



Israel – Desert Eco-Kibbutz Program



Spain – Conservation Projects in the Valencia Region



Thailand – Recycling and Sustainability Workshop



Cambodia – Sustainable Communtiy Development



Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh Community Involvement