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Recent Volunteer Experiences
Posted By: Maria P.
#Mexico,#Marine Conservation,#Wildlife Conservation,#North America
I am writing to thank the local team for my first volunteering experience, and allowing me to participate in so many activities in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and I hope to see you all again very soon!
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Posted By: Andre D.
#North America,#Mexico,#Wildlife Conservation
It was a great adventure to go to Yucatan and learn about the situation and importanceof the jaguar conservation.
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Posted By: Mina C.
#Wildlife and Animal Conservation,#Asia,#Thailand
"Our family volunteered at the Elephant Forest Refuge in Thailand. We had a great experience there. We loved walking with the elephant 5 miles to their new home...from the jungle-like setting through roads and rice paddies to the new sanctuary. We'd like to thank the sanctuary for a great experience. They made us feel very welcome. The food was great and our volunteer coordinators were awesome!" - Mina C. 
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Posted By: Sara P.
#Asia,#Thailand,#Wildlife and Animal Conservation
This was a life-changing experience for me! Everyone we worked with - from the staff to the other volunteers - were amazing! The staff are so passionate about the elephants and really understand the needs of rehabilitation, and celebrate every milestone!
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Popular Volunteer Experiences
Posted By: Dave P.
#South Africa,#Wildlife,#Conservation,#Africa,#Wildlife and Animal Conservation
Every day was amazing and full of incredible experiences and new people. The days flew by as we were so busy working on the farm, hanging out and making new friends, and learning about the wildlife in a very hands on manner.
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Posted By: Giselle M.
#South Africa,#Marine Conservation,#Africa,#Marine and Coral Reef Conservation
Hard work pays off, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by the amazing crew. I managed to go onto an exclusive boat trip which had less clients on board, giving me more opportunities to capture some great footage of the sharks who displayed incredible activity, breaching around six times in the space of two hours.
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Posted By: Michele
#Zimbabwe,#Wildlife,#Africa,#Wildlife and Animal Conservation
The African Wildlife Orphanage’s main goal is to care for orphaned or injured animals until they are able to be released back into the wild. If that’s not a viable option, they’re lovingly cared for the rest of their lives. These animals are also used for educating young local children about the creatures that share their environment. Bulawayo is the second largest city in Zimbabwe, so many of the children living there have never had the opportunity to see or touch wild animals.
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Posted By: Ramona P.
#Marine Conservation,#Wildlife,#Asia,#Malaysia,#Marine and Coral Reef Conservation
I have been here on the Perhentian Islands for about one month and I’m still excited for the beautiful landscape, the warm people and of course the amazing turtles we are working with daily. On the 10th my teammate Joel,  Kinsey and Elliot and me saw the first turtle nesting at Tiga Ruang during our night patrol. It was so amazing seeing the turtle laying her eggs in the sand, measuring her carapace and taking photos of her for photo identification!
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Posted By: Danielle L.
#South America,#Ecuador,#Wildlife and Animal Conservation
The Galápagos Islands are a chain of volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador, in South America, most famous for being the home to many giant tortoises and sea turtle populations. The giant tortoises of the Galápagos are among the most famous of the unique fauna of the islands. These islands changed our understanding of the natural world forever. British naturalist Charles Darwin observed numerous local plants and animals during his visit in 1835. Overtime his fascination with these animals developed and he began to wonder if species from South America had reached the Galápagos and then changed as they adapted to new environments. This idea that species could change over time eventually led to Darwin’s infamous theory of evolution by natural selection. 
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Posted By: Daniella A.
What is that beautiful animal hanging out in the Chinese forests? Why, the amazing giant panda, of course! Easily recognizable by their mix of black and white fur, these gentle giants have become quite the iconic species. 
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Posted By: Danielle L.
Kevin Richardson is all but ordinary with his unique career in wildlife conservationism and filmmaking. His highly praised work within this field has made it possible for him to create his own lion sanctuary. At this sanctuary he can conduct hands on work with these majestic animals and continue to expand his knowledge and understanding of the species. He is recognized by his persona as the “Lion Whisperer”. Through this persona and his work in the filmmaking and conservation industries, he works to highlight Africa’s most iconic predator, the lion. Before we talk about what he does for these amazing animals and how he works alongside world-renowned scientists, campaigners, and researchers, let's dive into his background and see just how he got to where he is today.
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Posted By: Danielle L.
For many years, Tanzania has set aside the importance of education and focused on pressing economic issues, but what the leaders do not realize is that developing the education system will actually help improve the entire welfare of the country. If the education system is prioritized on the list of straining issues for the country, then this will allow students to focus on certain aspects of their education like learning English. If students are able to start studying English at an early age they will be able to gain critical English language skills and be more likely to continue this language growth in the future. Knowing English is vital to the economic growth of a country and Tanzania needs the help of knowledgeable volunteers to assist teachers as they prepare these children for a brighter future. 
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