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Recent Volunteer Experiences
Posted By: Giselle M.
#South Africa,#Marine Conservation
Hard work pays off, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by the amazing crew. I managed to go onto an exclusive boat trip which had less clients on board, giving me more opportunities to capture some great footage of the sharks who displayed incredible activity, breaching around six times in the space of two hours.
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Posted By: Mingyao M.
#Sri Lanka,#Wildlife,#Conservation
Most people in Sri Lanka were extremely friendly, and it was ok to use the combination of English and body language to communicate with them. I chose the orientation week as my first week program, and during this period, I visited many interesting places in Kandy, which included the temple of tooth. Kandy is the center of Buddhism; it was an impressive experience to learn the history and culture of this city.
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Posted By: Jeroen B.
#Israel,#Conservation,#Marine Conservation
It was an excellent location to learn about the +/- 1100 species present in the Red Sea. Together with Leras, a marine biologist, I received her help in analyzing the photographic material (pictures) from my UW camera. Initially I was only interested in fish species, though after a while I started to do some coral identification as well. In the Red Sea this is pretty much amazing!
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Posted By: Solveig A.
#South Africa,#Wildlife,#Conservation
If you are lucky you are also able to spend time with baby animals during the stay. Honey badgers, antelopes, servals, cheetahs, lions and even a 6 months old rhino were some of the baby animals I had the pleasure to feed and spend time with, and I loved it!
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Popular Volunteer Experiences
Posted By: Dave P.
#South Africa,#Wildlife, #Conservation
Every day was amazing and full of incredible experiences and new people. The days flew by as we were so busy working on the farm, hanging out and making new friends, and learning about the wildlife in a very hands on manner.
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Posted By: Edward S.
I was able to help the nurses in their daily rounds; giving injections and medications and setting up IV\'s. All of these skills were learned right at the placement site. Our assistance was really beneficial to the nurses in their daily jobs. 
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Posted By: Emma M.
#South Africa,#Wildlife,#Conservation
Being on the sanctuary was definitely one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced...I was so excited for so long about this opportunity to bring a dream of mine to fruition, that when the moment finally arrived it didn’t even feel real!
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Posted By: Marc V.
I would totally recommend the Wildlife Sanctuary project. The mixture of hard work and animal interaction is really satisfying, and the people you meet there are awesome!
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