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We understand the vetting process when deciding on a volunteer experience provider and that’s why we’ve made this task easier with our GoEco Reviews page.

GoAbroad and GoOverseas

Here you’ll find GoAbroad and GoOverseas, our industry’s most reputable review sites, with feedback from GoEco alumni who've completed one or more of our projects abroad. Each review is coupled with a unique rating, placing GoEco among the leading companies in our field! 

GoAbroad awarded GoEco the "Top Volunteer Abroad Organization" of 2015!

GoAbroad awarded GoEco's Temple Preservation in Cambodia project as a finalist for best "Innovative New Program – Volunteer" for 2017!

GoEco Blog

You should also check out the GoEco blog where you’ll find detailed posts, by current and past volunteers, who have wanted to share their experiences with you. Each blog post reflects the volunteer’s independent experience and we leave the subject matter up to them. You can read posts highlighting different aspects of the experience from accommodations and staff to volunteer tasks and orientation week. We aim to provide you with a wide range of perspectives for each of our projects so that you have a good idea of what it's like to volunteer with us!

Ambassador Program

Sometimes you just need to speak to a past volunteer to help you make an informed decision about your volunteer experience - and we get that. Fortunately, we have a fantastic Ambassador Program that offers a line of communication between our past and prospective volunteers. This gives you the opportunity speak to past volunteers directly about GoEco and/or a specific project. If you're interested, visit our Contact Us page and one of our Program Coordinators will set you up!

Recommended By

Don't forget to check out our Recommend By page where we store our media coverage. There you'll find a feature on The Today Show, an article in Huffington Post and so much more!
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