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Volunteer in Fiji

Fiji is a tropical paradise comprised of over 300 islands, each encapsulated by stunning white sand beaches, speckled with palm trees, and home to a diverse collection of exotic wildlife. Volunteers in Fiji are sure to be entranced by Fiji's extraordinary climate, spectacular views, and warm local population. Explore the surrounding sea by participating in a marine conservation diving expedition, or get to know the culture and people of the land better by teaching and exchanging cultures with native Fijians. The options are open for any enthusiastic volunteer! read more
Discover Fiji's underwater wonderland and become a seasoned diver, all while completing invaluable research toward local conservation initiatives. PADI certification training provided on placements of 8 weeks or more.  
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Experience life in Dawasamu, a region located on the mainland island of Fiji. Teach the local youth valuable skills and knowledge; helping them to create sustainable opportunities for their futures
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Come to the island of Viti Levu to inspire and motivate local children who are at the start of their school careers. Apart from teaching English, you will have a unique opportunity to get these kindergartners excited about their future!
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