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Volunteer in Argentina

Argentina is a place bursting with variety. It is the eighth largest country in the world and contains an immense amount of natural beauty. It is a popular for volunteering abroad primarily because of all that is has to offer. From Patagonia in the south, to the Andes Mountains in the East, it is impossible to go wrong in terms of travel. Some other, famous sights are the otherworldly salt flats in the north and Iguazu Falls in the northeast. The beauty of this country is truly unrivaled. The bigger cities of Argentina also hold much of the country’s soul. The bustling, metropolitan city of Buenos Aires never sleeps: it is a business oriented city brimming with all kinds of artists. Mendoza is a city of another kind; it boasts decadent vineyards where you can relax and enjoy the countryside while sipping on an Argentinian Malbec. It is nearly impossible to describe the magic of this country without going to see it for yourself. When in Argentina, you can feel the zest that Argentinians have for life. Who wouldn’t want to be in such a beautiful place, with such beautiful people? Volunteering in Argentina is a good chance to see what the hype (and the tango) is all about!

Although Argentina is one of the most developed countries in Latin America, there is always plenty of room for volunteer work. The types of opportunities a volunteer will find here are varied due to the lay of the land and the nature of the communities within. In the bigger cities, there is a need for help in childcare, construction and healthcare. 

Being a developing country, there is a high demand for English teachers. It is suggested that those who wish to teach English have an intermediate knowledge of Spanish. Knowing Spanish will help you get by in the rural areas of the country where there are less English speakers. Although knowing Spanish is a positive, you may find it difficult to understand the dialect that is native to Argentina. It is spoken very quickly with a strong accent. Do not let this scare you, after a short period of time spent in and amount the community members you will surely become one of the locals! Additionally, if you do not know Spanish (or only know a very basic level) you will definitely be able to find an opportunity volunteering in a big city where English is more widely spoken. 

By choosing Argentina for you next volunteer experience you will be able to experience the thrill of Argentine culture, the majesty of the Andes and the serene nature of the country and its humble people. If you are seeking an adventure full of culture and natural beauty, and the perfect opportunity to give back to developing communities, Argentina is definitely the place for you to volunteer abroad!
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Immerse yourself in Argentinian culture and study Spanish in a vibrant and supportive school environment, all while providing support to underprivileged residents. This is an incredible opportunity to study Spanish and give back to the...
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