Volunteering in China – My Trip

Posted by: Matt K.

As soon as I arrived in China, I and other volunteers lived in a hostel in the city of Chengdu where we spent the first three days of getting to know the local attractions. On the fourth day we went to the Giant Panda Center, which hosted the most important and interesting part of my journey at the Giant Panda Center project. We settled into a pretty good hostel, we lived two by two in each room.

I really enjoyed the tasty food, I thought it would be worse, but the menu was quite varied. After work we had free time to research the resort, recreation, communication, card games or watching movies. Every evening in the common room were what some exciting events such as the Chinese lessons, origami, Chinese calligraphy, singing Chinese songs, mahjong and more.

Every day after breakfast at 8 30 am we went to clean enclosure with pandas, it was the most difficult part of our work. We had to completely remove 2 enclosures and bring fresh bamboo that pandas eat sweetly. Then we came several times during the day mainly to feed the pandas carrot, soy bread and apples. Sometimes we were allowed to hand-feed. These moments were the most memorable as it is possible to consider in detail the pandas and better understand these animals.

I am very glad that I was able to try volunteering in China and meet these adorable animals. Perhaps, such a trip is the best way to learn Chinese culture and see how China is living far away from big cities. Moreover, with with a unique opportunity to observe the life of pandas. I am sincerely grateful to the staff who have helped me in China and all of the company GoEco who helped organize my trip. It was one of the most memorable trips of my life!