Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction: By signing these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) from GOECO Ltd., private company number 513816082 (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) or providing payment or taking part in any services the client or Participant (hereinafter referred to as “Participant”) as the case may be manifest the full and express consent Participant to all terms and conditions specified in the confirmation of the booking and its terms and conditions that represent the agreement between the Participant and the Company. The Participant shall make no claim against the Company as a result of failure to read and/or disagreement with the terms and conditions contained in the agreement prior to making the booking. 

2. The Company will book Participant’s Program (hereinafter referred to as “Program”) according to the details specified in the confirmation of booking through Partner Organizations (hereinafter referred to as “Organizations”) that are recognized as reliable and professional. Each booking is considered a provisional request until the aforesaid Organizations grant their final approval thereof.

3. The Company undertakes to arrange the booking in a professional manner, provide the Organizations with the relevant information concerning the booking, and ensure that the booking conforms to the details requested in the booking. The Company is not liable for unexpected disturbances and/or malfunctions that are beyond its control if such circumstances are experienced by Organizations, since the Program is offered under the sole liability of the Organizations unless the Company knew, or had to know in advance about that malfunction and/or disturbance. The Company shall make every effort to help the Participant concerning any question, query or irregularity pertaining to the services. It is recognized that the Company is acting on an agency basis.

4. All the information represented by the Company concerning the Program is based fully upon information received from different Organizations. The Company’s liability for this information is limited to the fact that it originates in the aforesaid Organizations and that it is conveyed to the Participant in full. The Company is not liable and shall not incur the cost of any damage whatsoever caused as a result of a Participant undertaking the Program.

5. In the event of a special request made by a Participant, the Company undertakes to deliver the request to the relevant Organizations. The Company is not obligated to fulfill this request unless the Participant has received approval in writing that his request would be fulfilled. When a special request included in the booking pertains to essential requirements made by the Participant to accommodate his/her special needs, the Company shall inquire with the Organizations as to whether the aforesaid request can be fulfilled and shall notify the volunteer about its query prior to the final approval or denial of such request.

6. The Company may, at its discretion, reject a request to make a booking or cancel same or discontinue the participation of a Participant that interferes with the ordinary course of the Program without having to provide a reason for its decision. In such event, all expenses shall be incurred by the Participant.

7. The Participant is obligated to inform the Company, upon registration for a Program, about any physical and/or mental condition and/or any other condition that might limit or impede his/her participation in the Program. The Participant is aware that the Company’s consent to register him/her to a Program relies upon the absence of such notice, meaning that the Participant is not limited in any manner to take part in the Program. Any malfunction and/or expenditure caused as a result of the Participant’s physical and/or mental condition shall be incurred solely by the Participant.

8. The Participant declares and warrants that he/she understands that he/she is a part of a volunteer program. Hence, he/she will conduct him/herself with patience and tolerance towards all other Participants, cooperate and abide by the instructions in the due course of his/her relations with other Participants and towards others in general.

9. The Participant undertakes to appear in scheduled hours and if he/she does not do so he/she may be considered as if he/she waived his/her right to do so. If the Participant is prevented from participating for reasons that are beyond his/her control he/she must notify the Company or the on-site volunteer leader immediately.

10. Liability for damages: Interruptions that occur in a destination where utilities are not sufficiently developed, as well as any other element concerning force majeure, may have an adverse effect on the Program and the Participant ought to take this into account. The Company is not liable for damages caused to the Participant as a result of falling, accidents, diseases, hospitalization, medical expenditures, damage to luggage, failure to perform certain actions or faulty execution thereof, inconvenience or any direct or indirect damage that may be caused to the Participant during the Program.
For the purposes of this clause and Clause 21, force majeure means: any circumstance not within the Company’s reasonable control including, without limitation:

(a) Acts of God, flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster.
(b) Disease, epidemic or pandemic.
(c) Terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots, war, threat of or preparation for war, armed conflict, imposition of sanctions, embargo, or breaking off of diplomatic relations.
(d) Nuclear, chemical or biological contamination or sonic boom.
(e) Any law or any action taken by a government or public authority, including without limitation imposing an export or import restriction, quota or prohibition, or failing to grant a necessary licence or consent.
(f) Collapse of buildings, fire, explosion or accident.
(g) Any labour or trade dispute, strikes, industrial action or lockouts.
(h) Non-performance by suppliers or subcontractors.
(i) Interruption or failure of utility service.

11. It is hereby clarified and emphasized that no refunds whatsoever shall be given for discontinuation of a Program owing to disease, injury or any other reason. The Participant shall not make any claim, pecuniary or other, that may derive from the services or in relation thereto, against the Company, its employees, agents, representatives or anyone acting on its behalf. The conditions set forth herein are binding and no one, including anyone acting on behalf of the Company, is authorized to act in a manner different than the one stipulated herein.

12. The Company and/or its representatives are not liable for monetary losses and/or additional losses that are caused due to changes or cancellations and/or due to delays. These losses and/or expenditures shall be borne solely by the Participant.

13. Some Programs may be located in dangerous areas. A Participant that disobeys the instructions provided by the site management does so at his/her own risk and sole responsibility.

14. Participant population: A variety of people of all ages and backgrounds take part in the Programs.

15. Accommodation: Varied living conditions are provided among Programs. Accommodation may be in dorm-style rooms with western-style shared or en suite bathroom and showers, in private rooms or with local families in a style customary to the region. In addition, certain Programs provide prepared meals for Participants and in others Participants receive food and prepare the meals themselves.

16. Documentation, passports, and entry visas: The Participant is responsible for obtaining a valid passport and extending its validity, as needed. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of Program completion and departure. The Participant is responsible for checking all exit and entry requirements of any area traveled to/from before undertaking and whilst undertaking the Program. The Participant is responsible for payment of fees, charges, and handling fees for issuance/extension of passport and issuance of entry visas. The Participant is hereby notified that in the event that he/she does not obtain the proper visa to enter each country, he/she bears full liability concerning such matters. The Participant is obligated to specify whether he/she holds more than one passport.

17. Prices (prices are in USD, GBP or EUR, depending on your location). The Participant may receive the price offer given in relation to his booking only if deposit payment for the booking was made. Booking prices are based upon the rates of services in Israel and abroad, rates of charges in Israel and abroad, ground services, taxes and fees in Israel and abroad and foreign currency exchange rates as known on the date of confirming the booking. The price for services is final upon the date which deposit payment was received.

18. Failure to transfer the balance payment by the due date allows the Company to consider that the booking has been cancelled, according to its sole discretion. Under these circumstances, refunds, if any, will be given in accordance with the cancellation policy.

19. Insurance: After making the booking, the Participant has the duty to hold comprehensive travel health insurance policy, including third party liability, and provide policy details to the Company in writing.

20. Health, medications, and vaccinations: The Participant must notify the Company regarding any physical and/or mental limitations and/or any other limitation that may impede their participation in the Program. Any pregnant woman is obligated to furnish a medical confirmation in English regarding her condition, including approval to fly, and in any event her permission to fly is at the discretion of the airline company. The Participant is responsible for obtaining all and every appropriate vaccination, as required by each country, and for bringing his own medication to the Program, according to their needs and for confirming the legality of each medication for each destination country.

21. Natural phenomena, weather, and force majeure: Notwithstanding Clause 10, the Company is not responsible for any climatic phenomena (floods, fog, clouds, etc.) and/or any other circumstances that are beyond its control and that may cause any change or cancellation. The Company shall be exempt from liability towards the Participant for any claims related to cancellation and/or change in any time that are a result of force majeure strikes, disturbance of public peace, fire, inundation, weather conditions, civil revolt, war, acts of terrorism, military operations, invasions, rebellion, pandemics, volcanic eruption, disease, robbery, theft, boycott, arrests, technical malfunctions, or any similar event caused by a force majeure.

22. Terms of payment: Deposit payment, as stated on the Company website, is required upon application; at which point the Participant accepts the Company’s Terms and Conditions in full. The remaining balance is due 60 calendar days after registration or upon the stated deadline, as specified in writing in the confirmation email; the earliest date of the two applies. The balance payment does not include any money transfer commissions which may be incurred through the approved payment methods. Participants are responsible for all incurred bank charges and must pay the full amount of any monies under this clause. These approved payment methods can only be found via the following link: www.goeco.org/balance-payment-methods.

23. Return of payment: In the event of cancellation, return payment will be made in the same manner it was initially received, in accordance with the cancellation policy stated below, excluding any fees incurred for transactions.

24. Cancellation: The Participant may cancel the order in writing according to the following terms:
31 days or more days before departure – Participant forfeits only the deposit payment;
within 30 days before departure or no-show – Participant forfeits 100% of the value of the placement fee (deposit + balance).

25. Changes: Participants may change their order in writing according to the following terms:
31 days or more before departure – Participants can transfer 100% of the deposit and balance payments to another program on the GoEco website;
within 30 days before departure – a change of project location is no longer possible, yet the full program payment will be saved for you on the same program to reschedule. There are no additional fees to reschedule, however if the cancellation is only days away from your start date there could be some unavoidable fees that need to be paid if non-refundable services were already paid on the ground, this will be handled on a case by case basis.

26. The booking is conditional upon final approval by Organizations. The Company may cancel the booking at any stage provided that it returns necessary payments.

27. The Company is not liable for returning amounts that were paid for services that were not used by the Participant provided that failure to use the services is not under the responsibility of the Company. The Company reserves the right to set higher cancellation fees for certain services.

28. In the event that a material change in the Program occurred and a relevant notice to the Participant prior to departure was delivered, the Participant has the right to cancel the order within 72 hours from the date the notice. The date of cancellation shall be considered as the date in which the written cancellation notice is received in the Company’s offices. The Company may cancel any Program at its discretion for reasons that are beyond its control and it may offer the Participant to take part in another Program or return the amounts paid.

29. Governing law: By entering into this agreement the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Tel Aviv for adjudication of any disputes or claims between the parties under this agreement, irrespective of the place where the Terms and Conditions and all documentation is signed or the Participant’s place of residence. The governing law concerning any dispute and/or difference of opinion and/or conflict and/or claim and/or demand of any kind shall be Israeli law only.

30. Prescription: The Participant agrees that upon two years from the date of the end of the Program, he may not make any claims from the Company whether by virtue of this Agreement and whether in torts and this condition limits the term of prescription to two years only pursuant to the provisions set forth in Section 19 to the Prescription Law 5718-1958.

31. GoEco’s Privacy Policy

32. I, the undersigned, undertake to pay the Company for the order of services in accordance with these terms and conditions specified hereinabove in this confirmation of order and the terms and conditions of order that were delivered to me and/or that are published in the Company’s internet website: www.goeco.org/terms-and-conditions, and which I read thoroughly and approved including all conditions and limitations specified therein.