Volunteer in Portugal

Portugal is the hidden gem of Mediterranean Europe. Its stunning beaches and quaint fisherman-like towns captivate tourists from all over the world who travel to Portugal in attempts to find true, historic authenticity. It is a unique place where modernity blossoms amongst a city of the past – much more than in the rest of Europe. Many of the cities are small towns, complete with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly natured people. For the more calm spirited, there are vineyards that specialize in fine red wine, and castles throughout the countryside that are a direct portal into the past. For those who crave adventure, there is surfing, wind-surfing, biking, and hiking galore. Volunteer in Portugal and you will experience equal parts fun, relaxation and meaningful work. The beauty of this country is found in taking time to get to know the land, the sea and the people. Interning or volunteering abroad is about more than simply gaining work experience. It is about traveling the world and having fun. Luckily, in Portugal there are no shortage of activities to participate in, from enjoying the city nightlife and exploring the windy streets, to enjoying beach views and exploring castles from long ago. Volunteering or interning in Portugal is more than worthy of your time; it will provide you with invaluable experience, lasting connections and fun!

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