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About GoEco

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The first ever group of GoEco volunteers

How it all began

The GoEco volunteer organization was established in 2005 by Jonathan Gilben and Jonathan Tal. They both hold University degrees in Environmental/Geography studies. Both have traveled extensively, participated in and created international ecological projects. 

Based on their extensive experience, Gilben and Tal introduced the concept of volunteer tourism in Israel and created volunteer projects locally for participating international volunteers. They successfully ran their first volunteer project at the Israeli Sea Turtle Rescue Centre in Michmoret, on the Mediterranean Sea, during the summer of 2006. 

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Meet the GoEco Team


Meet Jonathan Gilben - Co-Founder & Co-Director

  Jonathan leads the daily operations of GoEco. After completing his B.A. in Environmental Studies, he began volunteering at different conservation projects around the world. His positive and powerful volunteering experiences led him to believe that other like-minded people would also enjoy similar opportunities. He then completed his M.A. degree and went on to create GoEco with his high school friend Jonathan Tal.




Meet Jonathan Tal - Co-Founder & Co-Director



In addition to being a Co-Founder and Co-Director, Jonathan is also the GoEco Marketing Manager and Systems Manager. Every day he finds creative ways to solve technical problems and keep the tech-end of the company running smoothly. He holds a B.A. degree in Geography Studies and has volunteered at wildlife and conservation projects in many countries. Together with high school pal Jonathan Gilben, he founded GoEco in order to offer other people the chance to be involved in responsible, green tourism.




Meet Donna - Operations Manager

Once you've selected the right project  - I will be here to assist you with all your volunteering needs and concerns.


From: California, USA

Favorite volunteer experience: I just completed a two-year round-the-world adventure.

Dream volunteer project(s): I'd love to visit the Wildlife Photography & Conservation Project in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It would be amazing to participate in a 3-day photography course AND walk with lions in the same day.

Email: volunteer@goeco.org

Phone: +1 646 240 4545 Ext. 510


Meet Leorre - US & Canada Placement Coordinator

Contact me if you are from North America and would like to volunteer.


From: California, USA

Favorite volunteer experience: Volunteering at a daycare on a Kibbutz in Israel.

Dream volunteer project(s): Teaching and Social Work in San José, Costa Rica

Email: leorre@goeco.org

Phone: +1 646 240 4545 Ext. 506


Meet Aidy - Worldwide Placement Coordinator

Contact me if you are from anywhere in the world outside of Canada and the US and would like to volunteer.


From: New York, USA

Favorite volunteer experience: I volunteered with an orphanage and with seniors in Tel Aviv. 

Dream volunteer project(s): The Cape Town Orphan Care Project.

Email: aidy@goeco.org

Phone: +44 203 318 4004 Ext. 508



Meet Angela - Worldwide Placement Coordinator

Contact me if you are from anywhere in the world outside of Canada and the US and would like to volunteer.


From: British Columbia, Canada

Favorite volunteer experience: Volunteering in orphanages in Mexico.

Dream volunteer project(s): Animal Rescue and Conservation in Costa Rica. 

Email: angela@goeco.org

Phone: +44 203 318 4004 Ext. 504


Meet Efrat - Israel Volunteer Consultant & Operations Manager

Contact me if you are Israeli and want to volunteer abroad.


From: Israel

Favorite volunteer experience: I have loved volunteering at many of our projects in Israel and Iceland.

Dream volunteer project(s): The African Wildlife Orphanage in Zimbabwe and the Monkey and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in South Africa.  

Email: goeco@goeco.co.il

Phone: +972 (77) 552 - 7000



Meet Tatyana - Admin Manager

Contact me with any questions related to project billing and insurance


From: Russia

Favorite volunteer experience: Gan AKIM in Tel Aviv.

Dream volunteer project(s): Elephant Rescue and Conservation and Child Care and Community Work

Email: admin@goeco.org

Phone: +1 646 240 4545 Ext. 515


Meet Yan - Israel Field Coordinator

I'm usually out in the field so I'll see you soon if you are at a project in Israel


From: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Favorite volunteer experience: All of the Israel programs and Iceland.

Dream volunteer project(s): the Elephant Rescue & Conservation project in Thailand.


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