Medical and Healthcare

The field of medicine is complex, but the choice to volunteer on a medical program is simple. Medical volunteering programs abroad are designed to help communities strengthen their general health practices as well as their hospital and clinic staff. GoEco offers a variety of medical volunteering opportunities around the globe, with opportunities to promote health education and shadow surgeons in Asia, lead HIV discussion groups and assist with newborns in .... Read more

Join GoEco on the tropical coast of southern Sri Lanka, where you can gain invaluable experience in the nursing and medical fields. This program stands as one of the most comprehensive medical volunteer programs in Asia, welcoming pre-med, medical, and nursing students to take part and make a meaningful impact.

Immerse yourself in the unique Zambian lifestyle while gaining valuable insight into the healthcare system and providing much needed educational outreach. In the afternoons, volunteers will join a range of projects designed to improve the lives of community members.