Volunteer in Belize

Belize sits on the northeastern coast of Central America. It shares a small portion of the Yucatan Peninsula with Mexico and consists of all types of terrain. Just because it is a tiny country does not mean it is a crowded country. Actually, quite the opposite. Belize is the least dense Central American country with a population of only 334,000. Less crowds, less chaos, more beauty, and more beach time. The people of Belize are very welcoming and there is a relaxed, island vibe to the whole country. There are two, distinct seasons: the dry or high season which is from late November until April, and the rainy season which is from June until November. Hurricanes almost always occur in August through October. If you want to visit Belize at an “ideal” time, as to make sure you don’t catch any rain, aim to visit March through May. Belize is a nature-dense country. It contains more than 85 ecosystems with more than 850 species of mammals, reptiles, and birds. The marine life is rich as well, and the Belize barrier reef is one of the country’s greatest attractions. The small size of Belize causes an extremely dense concentration of all of this nature. Imagine having such a variety of terrain, animal and plant life, city and rural scopes, and beaches all within a day’s drive away. The tourist infrastructure in Belize is growing. Belize is a developing country and it is realizing its power to harness its natural landscape for tourism. As most of us know, this is a double edged sword. As the country’s tourist sector is growing, its forests and beaches are being depleted. There are many organizations in place to help combat the diminishing of the lands and conserve and replenish protected areas.  Because the balance between economy and ecology, in Belize, is critical, there is a powerful movement toward the conservation of the natural lands. This is a very lucrative sector in which to look for a volunteer opportunity. There is also plenty offered in Belize in the realm of social volunteering. The many small villages scattered throughout the country offer the possibility to work in childcare, education or various types of community development. Volunteering in Belize is a wonderful way to lend a helping hand while experiencing adventure. There are all types of outdoor activities for you to get into in your free time such as biking, trekking, spelunking, snorkeling, fishing, diving, windsurfing, and more. Take time to visit the various Mayan ruins, beautiful mountain ridges, and vibrant coral reef. Belize is a place of natural diversity – it is hard not to fall in love with the land and the people. If you choose to volunteer in Belize, there is no doubt you will want to stay for a while!

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