Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteering abroad in Nepal offers participants the opportunity to explore the magical scenery of one of the most stunning countries in the world. The spiritual country is renowned for playing home to the epic Himalayas and the soaring peaks of Mt Everest. This thrilling landscape allows volunteers countless opportunities to explore a beautiful natural setting while simultaneously immersing themselves in a cultural diversity unlike anywhere in the world. Volunteers can engage in meaningful work – dedicating their time to making a real difference to the different Nepalese communities they encounter. With over two millennia worth of incredible history and an abundance of stunning temples, the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is an interesting place to visit. On top of being the capital, it is also the largest city in Nepal and serves as the hub for the economy, politics and commercial life of the country. While Kathmandu is a popular choice for volunteering abroad in Nepal , many volunteers choose to immerse themselves in the rural and spiritual life of communities outside of the urban centre. The majority of the 27 million inhabitants of the country live in small villages and poverty is unfortunately a common denominator. Despite basic living conditions, volunteering in these communities will give volunteers a true taste of Nepalese life and an accurate reflection of the people who live there. With the high rate of poverty one can find spread throughout Nepal, there is a great need for volunteers willing to work in community development, providing aid in the fields of education and teaching, child welfare and healthcare. All volunteer abroad opportunities, especially in Nepal, require volunteers to have an open mind and willingness to help wherever they can. When electing to give back to the children of the communities located both in and out of the city centre you may very well need to wear a variety of different hats. These can include reading and or playing sports with children, but it may also include preparing meals or helping to clean up facilities. If education and teaching is a vocation you are particularly interested in and you are open to stepping out of your comfort zone, working as a teaching assistant in schools in Nepal is an incredibly rewarding experience. Rural village schools in Nepal will often be lacking in some of the most basic of teaching material and students in your class may come to school hungry or cold without much focus. At the same time, the children will undeniably welcome the opportunity to learn with open arms and the appreciation you will feel will make the entire experience worth it. Volunteering in Nepal will be challenging – but in the best possible way. The personal growth and experience you will encounter should outweigh any doubts you may have. The majestic land and beautiful people, along with the unique and personally fulfilling time you will undeniably have, ensure that your experience in Nepal will certainly be an adventure.

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Join us in providing underprivileged Nepalese children with the skills and confidence they need to pursue their dreams. Volunteers will assist local teachers by leading lessons in English, math, history, science and more, and also engage in cultural exchange activities like games, sports and arts & crafts.