The Maldives are a picture perfect oasis notorious for its crystal clear waters and collection of many, many islands. It is an archipelago that sits in the Indian Ocean and consists of twenty six series’ of islands, or atolls, of which 1,192 islands are considered to be the Maldives. Only 192 of these islands are actually inhibited; the rest are simply nature, uninterrupted. Many islands are used for resorts as there is a large tourist population seeking serenity in this pocket of the Indian Ocean. Volunteering in the Maldives is truly unique in that the island communities are so small th.... Read more

Volunteer in Maldives

Journey to the unbelievable island of Naifaru for sea turtle rehabilitation! Join marine conservationists in their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate turtles and help protect the coral reefs, as well as enjoy spending time in one of the most idyllic places in the world.