Travel Insurance for Volunteering Abroad

GoEco considers the safety and security of each of our participants as our top priority, and insurance is important to have if something unexpected happens, such as a personal injury, a flight issue or related scenario. For this reason, travel medical coverage is mandatory for the duration of your volunteer placement abroad.

We have prepared a list of trustworthy travel health insurance providers who are full members of the World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE). These providers offer policies that cater to volunteering, interning and long-term travel abroad. Please select the insurance provider that aligns with your specific requirements.


1. CareMed – Travel Health Insurance

2. Protrip World – Travel Health Insurance


Recommended add on:

Trip cancellation insurance (TC) by CareMed provides coverage for unexpected trip cancellations, such as because of acute illness of the insured person or a relative, accidents, or pregnancy.


While GoEco partners with the three companies listed above, make a free and fully informed decision to select any insurance provider that best suits your needs.