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The vast expanse of the Serengeti, the mighty snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro, and the glittering beaches of Zanzibar – Tanzania is a traveler’s dream destination. Volunteering abroad in Tanzania, as well as being an opportunity to visit these natural wonders, is a way of discovering a new connection to humanity. You’ll get to know traditional ways of life and learn basic Swahili as you work alongside locals in areas such as community development and environmental conservation. Why Volunteer In Tanzania? From the buzz of Dar es Salaam to the tranquility of small highland towns, Tanzania is wildly diverse. The country and its people represent the best of both the old and new, with the bustling city of Arusha located close to indigenous Maasai communities where colorfully dressed warriors live alongside Maasai women adorned in beads. Tanzania has a lot to offer volunteers, and in exchange volunteers can play important roles in development projects. Behind the natural beauty and warm smiles of locals lie ongoing development struggles. The majority of the population lives in rural areas where education is limited and unemployment high. Volunteers can provide support in communities, helping out with education, building projects, and women’s rights. What To Know About Volunteering In Tanzania As a developing nation Tanzania does have its challenges though, so it’s better to go knowing what to expect. Requirements A good level of English, relevant immunizations, and emotional strength are typically all requirements for volunteers in Tanzania. You should be prepared for basic living conditions, obvious poverty, and for things to unction more slowly than you’re used to. Remember to keep an open mind! Language Both English and Swahili are official languages in Tanzania, however outside of bigger towns most people don’t speak or understand English. It’s helpful to learn a few basic words of Swahili to get by. Numbers are especially useful for haggling the prices of tuk tuks and for shopping in markets. Accomodations Volunteer accommodation are typically in volunteer houses or hostels. The accommodation may be basic but you will have a mosquito net to protect you at night and on the coast you will normally have fans to keep you cool. Laundry is usually available, although it’s often done by hand by a local ‘mama’. Wifi is common in Tanzania, but don’t expect the fastest speeds. Costs Program costs typically include all of your accommodation and food, as well as support from skilled staff. The cost of living in Tanzania is low compared to North America and Europe, so if you eat at local restaurants and shop in markets you won’t need a huge budget for spending money. Western style restaurants, accomodation on Zanzibar, and tourist souvenir markets tend to be a little more pricey. If you shop for souvenirs always haggle to get a good price! Packing Make sure you pack lots of insect repellant to help defend against malaria. You’ll also need lots of sunscreen. Tanzania is a conservative country so take clothes that cover your shoulders and knees. Women can wear two pieces on the beach in resort areas, but it is better to cover up with a t-shirt when on public beaches. Health Visit a travel doctor before departure to get the best advice on which immunizations you’ll need. You will need your yellow fever vaccination to travel to Tanzania, and malaria prophylaxis is recommended in some areas. Only drink bottled or purified water as water-borne diseases are common. Where To Volunteer In Tanzania From the coast, to open savannah, to lush mountains, you can choose whatever setting you prefer for volunteering in Tanzania. Moshi Moshi is a relaxed area, with unbeatable views of Kilimanjaro. There are plenty of opportunities to work to empower the local community in Moshi, which will give you a deeper understanding of daily life in Tanzania. Zanzibar The semi-autonomous group of islands just off the coast of Tanzania is perfect for volunteering. The small size of Zanzibar means you’ll be able to explore the pristine beaches, historic Stone Town, and lush forests with ease. You can choose from marine conservation work which helps to protect the reefs and aquatic life surrounding the island, or community outreach in one of the island’s villages. Either way, you’ll get to experience the slow pace of life and stunning surroundings. Volunteer Programs In Tanzania Regardless of where your interests lie, volunteers can make an impact in Tanzania. Choose from education, community development or conservation efforts – no matter the project, you will walk away with a greater insight and understanding of Tanzania and the people and creatures who inhabit the country. Volunteer programs in Tanzania typically fall into these categories: Education Working with children to help improve English skills, raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and other health challenges, and empower young girls. Community Outreach Working on various projects such as women’s empowerment, teaching English, and refurbishing buildings can help small rural communities in Tanzania Marine and Wildlife Conservation Tanzania’s incredible wildlife faces many challenges from loss of habitat, poaching, and other threats. Be part of the movement to stop African animals being pushed to the edge of extinction and participate in crucial research projects. If breathtaking scenery, treks and wildlife, African tribal culture, adventure, and giving back to worthwhile projects are your thing – now is the time to start planning your volunteer experience in Tanzania! Get in touch with us to find out more.

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Join this tropical island project and get involved with marine conservation, community work, and education. Zanzibar is a fascinating archipelago with a deeply embedded history, an intriguing blend of cultures, and stunningly beautiful beaches and sea life.