Volunteer in Greece

Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization. It is the birthplace of democracy, western philosophy and theatre, and many concepts of modern science and mathematics. Its history runs just as deep as the country is beautiful. Greece, which is bordered by Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey, has the longest coastline on the Mediterranean. It consists of 8,000 miles of mainland and thousands of islands, of which a couple hundred are inhabited.  If you have ever seen a photo of Greece, you may know that the deep blue color of the sea plays a major role in the aesthetics of the country. Most notably on the islands, white stucco houses, churches and buildings are layered along the hilly, coastal landscape. The architecture of the land along with the piercing blue ocean, rocky limestone landscape and the unbeatable Mediterranean climate, makes for everything you expect from Greece, and more. Greece’s economy suffered greatly from the recent economic crisis of the millennium. It put many people and businesses out of commission and severely slowed down the progress the country was making towards a stable economy. The country is still trying to build back its socio-economic standing, but situations like this take time and care. Because of this, volunteering in Greece goes a long way. Many volunteers elect to teach English or participate in environmental conservation efforts to help build back Greece’s global economy and preserve its future. The sea and its animals play an important role in both the ecosystem and the economy of the country. Due to lax laws on environmental protection and a high level of tourist activity in the area, the sea and its ecosystem are being heavily dirtied and depleted of life. Some popular options in terms of volunteering in environmental conservation include cleaning the country’s beautiful beaches and maintaining and strengthening the sea turtle and wild animal population. What could be better than preserving the beauty of this amazing country while taking in the breathtaking views? The location of your volunteer work will depend on what type of work you elect to do. The good news is, no matter where you are stationed, you cannot go wrong. We assure you that you will always find a new way to enjoy yourself, whether it is relaxing on the beach, browsing the local markets with a Greek coffee in hand, or enjoying the freshest seafood in the world. Also, everywhere you go, you will feel the warmth and genuine character of the land and its people. Choose Greece as your volunteer destination and learn the simplicity and beauty of living life as the Greeks do!

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