Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Let’s Celebrate, Sri Lanka is Opening! For the month of July we are gifting a free week-long Surf Course to all volunteers who qualify before July 31st, 2020. Sign up for two weeks of volunteering and receive your free surf course for your 3rd week in Sri Lanka. For more information, schedule a call with us. Despite being only 25, 500 square miles, the relatively small island country of Sri Lanka, located just off the coast of India, is huge in personality and beauty and offers countless way to give back to local communities through volunteering abroad. It plays home to some of the world’s most unspoiled landscapes and its abundance of untouched beaches, lush terrain and intriguing wildlife make it an incredibly exciting island to explore. With its remarkable diversity you could find yourself exploring an alpine jungle or tea plantation one day, historical temples and sites the next and of course ultimately taking full advantage of swimming in the warm waters of the Indian ocean. Sri Lanka is considered to be a developing country, with a host of different ways to immerse oneself in a unique and authentic culture. Due to a troubled history, volunteering abroad in Sri Lanka allows volunteers the opportunity to join projects that offer much needed aid in a variety of different fields. These include working at projects that help in the fields of education, child care and community development and of course wildlife rehabilitation and conservation. Volunteering in Sri Lanka will allow you to engage with varied and unique populations – from sea turtles to Buddhist monks and native children and their communities. The local cultural richness as well as multiple festivals that celebrate the spiritual and ritualistic qualities of the Sri Lankan people will only add a special flavor to any volunteer experience. Because of its size, Sri Lanka is an incredibly accessible and travel friendly location, so visiting the popular urban hub and capital city of Colombo or the picturesque island destination of Kandy will be entirely possible. Colombo is best known for its ancient Hindu temples and large harbor, while in contrast, Kandy is surrounded by mountainous terrain and tea plantations and is a best known for its conservation volunteer placements. Kandy is also home to the famous “Temple of Tooth”. Volunteering in Sri Lanka will allow you help a variety of different causes or work specifically with a cause you feel particularly passionate about. Volunteers in Sri Lanka will not only be able to make a valuable difference during their time on the stunning island, but will also enjoy a host of different activities on the beach, in the rainforest, and at animal sanctuaries. Regardless of where you choose to visit or the volunteer placement you decide to join – your time, contribution and assistance will be highly valued – and the warm and welcoming community will undeniably make you feel right at home. Through your volunteer opportunity you will be directly helping this beautiful island country progress and develop all while having a truly authentic and unforgettable experience.

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Join GoEco in the Wasgamuwa region in the Central Province of Sri Lanka to observe and collect data on wild Asian elephants in their natural habitat in the Wasgamuwa National Park and surrounding areas! Data collected…