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Volunteer in Philippines

The Philippines, located in the Western Pacific,  is a Southeastern country made up of a total of 7,107 islands, and although only 2000 of them are inhabited, it is still the 12th most populated country in the world, with the majority considered to be untouched paradise. Between its incredibly rich biodiversity, which boasts mountains, rainforests, and extensive aquatic life, and its impressive cultural heritage, make it a must-see destination. Volunteering abroad in the Philippines will give participants the ultimate opportunity to experience a completely unique culture and explore a part of the world not many have had the privilege to do so before. Visiting certain regions will require volunteers to have an open mind and despite the unfortunate economic hardships of many of the communities, the nation's people are warm and welcoming and appreciative of any assistance an international volunteer can offer them.

Volunteer work in the Philippines ranges from placements in rural health clinics to working with and teaching children in Kindergartens and primary schools alike. With the unfortunate unequal distribution of wealth many communities don’t have access to some of life's necessities and many people are in need of assistance in areas we may take for granted. Volunteering in a local community or at a district school will undeniably end up being a once in a lifetime experience and the impact you will make will never be forgotten. Volunteers who choose to visit this magical country will be faced with countless choices to help make a difference in the lives of children and communities in the region.

On top of the warm and welcoming manner of the people, the humidity can reach almost a hundred percent, so remember this when you are packing for your trip! Fiestas or local festivals are also a common occurrence in many of the rural communities across the country and celebrations include eating, drinking and dancing and are a wonderful way to celebrate a love for life!

When volunteering abroad in the Philippines you will find a vast array of exotic islands and their natural wonders to visit - these could include stunning waterfalls,  majestic volcanoes and ancient caves. Taking the close proximity of all the islands into account, travel around the region is generally very easy and affordable, meaning you will literally be able to explore every bit of the country during your time volunteering there.

Making a difference in the lives of the adorable children of the rural communities or even aiding in construction efforts on the island will truly open your mind and leave with the kind of memories that will truly last a lifetime. Volunteering abroad in the Philippines is really a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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Volunteer on the beautiful island of Palawan, and help the children improve their English language skills at a local school. You will gain insight into the Philippine educational system while really giving back to the community!
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Volunteer on an island teaching English to and caring for young children! Help kindergartners broaden their horizons and build the foundation for future opportunities in what is considered the Philippines' last frontier
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