Volunteer in Fiji

Volunteer abroad in Fiji and enjoy a tropical paradise comprised of over 300 islands, each encapsulated by stunning white sand beaches, speckled with palm trees, and home to a diverse collection of exotic wildlife. Volunteers in Fiji are sure to be entranced by Fiji’s extraordinary climate, spectacular views, and warm local population. Despite its idyllic setting, Fiji is a developing country, faced with a number of issues that volunteers can help with. While there are a number of islands in Fiji, there are a few locations that stand out in terms of volunteer project opportunities. Suva, the capital of Fiji,  is a large urbane city – known for attracting students looking to better their education and prepare for their futures. Many volunteers, however, choose to spend their time in Fiji giving back to the communities in the more rural areas, helping to inspire the youth as well as helping to restore the infrastructure following the devastating hurricane of 2016. Fiji also offers a host of marine conservation and diving opportunities – with all those islands and all that crystal clear water, diving and marine research are just another way for you to provide aid to this stunning country. Regardless of the location or field within which you choose to volunteer in Fiji, we are certain you will also take full advantage of the beautiful surroundings and engage in some sort of outdoor activity. The country has an abundance of opportunities to do so. There is no doubt that, even though Fiji is regarded as a progressive island, much of the country and the nations therein are highly underdeveloped and in need of assistance. By choosing to volunteer abroad in Fiji you will undeniably be making a valued contribution to the welfare and lives of the individuals who live there. By aiding with education, rebuilding and constructing infrastructure as well as participating in environmental and marine conservation you will be making a real difference.

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