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Volunteer in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country filled with unimagined natural beauty. Volunteers with a penchant for fun and adventure, as well as a desire to contribute to the protection of the stunning landscape, literally can’t get enough of this place. The country truly has everything - from snow-capped peaks and rolling green hills to mystical forests and bubbling hot springs; it is a land meant for those who are adventurers at heart, or for those excited to test their limits. Visitors from around the world flock here for the best skiing, hiking, surfing, and even skydiving. It’s no surprise why it’s one of the top destinations in the world for volunteer abroad.

With New Zealand’s extremely diverse and wild terrain, comes an inherent need for volunteer work focused on natural rehabilitation and conservation. New Zealand is one of the most recently settled lands by humans, which is why it’s mountains, tropical rainforests and beaches are so abundant in animal and plant life. It is a land with a history and culture rooted in its own natural environment. The local Kiwis have strong ties to the land and continuously lead efforts to keep and maintain the land. The locals are very aware of the fact that in order to co-exist with nature, they must work to minimize the effects of their own footprint. This also creates a large amount and variety of volunteer opportunity. 

In New Zealand, there are a variety of volunteer opportunities available. Most notable, is volunteer work that falls into the categories of environmentalism and conservationism. Because the land is so nature-heavy, it is always in need of upkeep and preservation. Additionally, the large variety of terrain on one small piece of land provides many, many ways in which a volunteer can lend a helping hand. Volunteers choose to participate in activities such as planting trees to restore rainforests, work with wild animals to maintain population, and dig into a farm and learn how to live off of the land. All in all, if you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, New Zealand is the place you should volunteer abroad. For those who aren’t so fond of being “one with nature”, there are, of course, other types of volunteer opportunities available. These fall into the areas of social work, community development, teaching, and the like. In New Zealand, any volunteer opportunity is a good choice, especially if you can walk away knowing you made a genuine contribution to the ecological conservation of this beautiful land - preserving it for generations to come.
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