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Discover a new world by helping to conserve the unique underwater ecosystem of the Belize Barrier Reef from a homebase of a unique private island!

Program Highlights
  • Live and volunteer on a private, paradise island off the coast of mainland Belize
  • Assist in various marine preservation tasks in turquoise waters
  • Become PADI Open Water certified or enhance your current dive skills with PADI Specialty courses (listed below under "Travel Highlights")
  • Explore mainland Belize on weekends through eco resort stays or other exciting adventures
  • Airport pickup and first night hotel accommodations included in program fee

Program Schedule:

Arrival Day, Sunday: 
Volunteers should arrive to Placencia, Belize on Sunday. Volunteers will be picked up and transferred to a local hotel (price included in program fee).

Day 1, Monday: On Monday morning, volunteers will take a boat ride to the island, where they will settle in and have an orientation before their first dive in the afternoon. Non-divers will begin their PADI Open Water training.

Days 2-3, Tuesday & Wednesday: Volunteers will begin with a bountiful breakfast at 6:00 AM. The first dive will be at 7:30 AM and the second at 2:30 PM, with lunch served in between. Non-divers will continue with their training and be certified by Wednesday evening. Dinner will be served at 7:00 PM and will be followed with free time. 

Day 4, Thursday: Previously certified diving volunteers will participate in three conservation dives on Thursdays, and recently certified volunteers will participate in one.

Day 5, Friday: All volunteers will participate in one morning dive, and return to mainland Belize at 10:30 AM. 

Days 6-7, Saturday and Sunday:  Weekends are free for volunteers to explore Belize. For additional fees, volunteers can go on a wide array of tours. For those departing, Saturday is departure day from the Placencia airport.

Remaining Weeks: For those staying longer than one week, there will be another boat transfer from the mainland back to the island on Monday morning. The schedule will repeat itself with volunteer work Monday-Friday and weekends on mainland Belize. 

Please note: Non-certified divers are recommended to sign up for a minimum duration of two weeks so they can partake in more than two conservation dives. There is a $150 USD fee for the PADI Open Water course. All dive equipment is included except mask with snorkel, booties, and wetsuits. 

Program Accomplishments:
This project is the leader in lionfish removal in all of Belize and estimates that they will remove 7,000 lionfish this year and dissect 1,585 for research purposes. The conch population in Belize is endangered form overfishing, but this project has been able to locate two important new breeding grounds. Whale shark photos taken on this project are entered into the public Whale Shark Sightings Database that is accessed by researchers and scientists for preservation.

Check out what our past volunteers had to say!
Location of the Project:  Placencia, Belize
Project length:  Min 1 week- Max 3 weeks
Arrival Airport:  Placencia Airport (PLJ)
Volunteer Work:  Marine preservation
Age:  Min. age of 18. Age exceptions: Volunteers aged 16 & 17 may apply with parental consent. This program welcomes families with kids aged 10 and above.
Number of Volunteers:  Up to 17 international volunteers
Important Note:  Please note that availability is limited. Please inquire with us about availability before booking. All volunteers who wish to join diving courses while on the Island should apply for a duration of 2 weeks or more. Fees will vary according to the course chosen. All courses have an additional fee of $190 USD for the online portion that must be completed prior to arrival.

What's Included

Accommodations:  Volunteers will be on the Island Monday through Friday, and will stay in shared cabanas during the volunteering placement. Weekend accommodations are not included, however GoEco is able to arrange all hotel accommodations on mainland Belize upon request (extra charge will apply).
Food:  3 meals per workday (Monday-Thursday) are included, as well as a hearty breakfast on Fridays
Airport Transfers:  Volunteers can fly or travel by bus from Belize airport (BZE) to Placencia Airport. Airport pickup is included upon arrival, as well as the boat transfers between Placencia and the island. If volunteers request GoEco to arrange all mainland hotel bookings, roundtrip airport transfers will be arranged as well (additional cost). NOTE: GoEco offers an special package to assist in booking round trip in-country flights to Placencia. Please inquire with us for logistics and added pricing.
Orientation:  Orientation and a brief tour of the island is included on Monday
Support:  Comprehensive and professional pre-departure travel guidance, 24/7 GoEco emergency hotline, experienced local field team.

What's not Included

Flights and airport drop-off (inquire with GoEco about our special package for assistance with booking in-country flights, airport transfers and mainland hotel bookings), cost of accommodations over the weekend on mainland Placencia, visas (if required), travel health insurance, personal expenses, mask with snorkel, booties, and wetsuits, any dive courses (and $190 USD fee for online course.) Lunch and dinner meals on Fridays, all meals on weekends, $25 weekly marine park fee.
Belize lies on the eastern Coast of Central America and consists of a mainland plus a variety of cayes. The Belize Barrier Reef is one of the largest coral reef systems in the world, second only to the Great Barrier Reef, making it a popular diving destination.

The majority of this project takes place on a beautiful, private island which is 25 miles from the Belize mainland. Surround yourself with hammocks and explore the tropical, Belizean waters surrounding the island! This 1.5 acre island is home to bright, colorful beach cabanas and alluring palm trees and is a secluded paradise for volunteers. 

On Fridays and Saturdays volunteers will return to mainland Belize. Accommodations are at the tip of the peninsula in a quaint town named Placencia, once called Punta Placencia, or Pleasant Point.  Placencia has become a beach resort destination, desired for its sparkling beaches. 
Coral reefs provide various marine animals with food, protection and shelter, but due to various factors, these ecosystems are under threat. Volunteers will be able to use their dive skills to contribute to the preservation of these ecosystems and will gain experience and knowledge that they can pass on to others. This way volunteers can continue to leave a positive impact, even after they have left the project.

As a volunteer on this project you will be engaging in various marine preservation tasks. These range from survey dives to identification dives and possible whale shark photographing. Volunteers will be participating in the eradication of the invasive Lionfish species, the data collection of various native species and the assessment of the local coral reef as a whole.

Invasive Lionfish species tasks: Lionfish are originally from the Indio-Pacific Ocean, but were accidentally released into foreign waters. The lionfish population feeds on key marine life, wreaking havoc on the indigenous Belize Barrier Reef ecosystems. They can lay twenty thousand eggs every four days, which is causing a nearly uncontrollable invasion. Volunteers on this project will partake in the eradication of this devastating, non-indigenous species by assisting with the following tasks :
  • Lionfish hunting
  • Lionfish spearing
  • Lionfish dissection
Native species tasks:
  • Lobster surveys
  • Queen conch surveys
  • Species identification dives
  • Whale shark photography
Coral Reef Tasks:
  • Coral data collection (disease recording, coral reef mapping)
  • Habitat surveys

Please note: Specific tasks may vary and are subject to change .
Internet:  WiFi is available on the island, but a connection cannot be guaranteed at all times due to island conditions.
Laundry:  Some hotels on the mainland have laundry services for their guests. There are also Laundromats located within walking distance of most hotels that volunteers can use for an additional fee.
Accommodations:  Volunteers will be staying in stone cabanas around the island. There will be up to 3 volunteer per room, and bathrooms are shared. On weekends volunteers are responsible for booking their own hotel rooms at their own cost. Inquire with GoEco about our special package to assist in hotel bookings over the weekend (additional costs apply).
Food:  Volunteers will receive 3 home cooked meals per workday (Monday-Thursday) and a hearty breakfast on Fridays. Meals generally include fresh fruit, veggies, and a meat dish. Most diets can be accommodated, if requested in advance.
Please take note of this project’s minimum requirements:
  • Minimum age of 18 (16-17 with parental consent)
  • Completed self-assessment Student Diver Medical Declaration
  • Mask with snorkel, booties, and wetsuit
Weekend Jungle Eco Adventure Add-On
Consider adding this exciting, all inclusive, weekend package to your volunteering program in Belize!

Visit an eco-lodge in the rainforest of southern Belize just an hour and a half drive south of your project in Placencia. It’s an incredible place from which you can venture out to explore the jungle on different kinds of tours or remain on site to enjoy the riverfront, kayaking, swimming, the spa, or just simply hammock time. Their farm-to -able restaurant offerings are fantastic too! 

Don’t miss out on the option to choose two of 12 adventure tours for your weekend Jungle Eco Experience! Contact Go Eco for a full list of details, pricing, tour options etc.

Eco Lodge and Mayan Agriculture Add-On
For volunteers who wish to contribute on land as well, consider adding our Sustainable Cacao Farming and Mayan Community Aid program! This is also based in the eoc lodge.

During free time on mainland Belize volunteers will have the opportunity to explore all that Belize has to offer! For an additional fee, volunteers can venture to any of the following destinations and more!

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Also known as the first jaguar preserve, this wildlife sanctuary is a must-see for wildlife enthusiasts!

Tikal Mayan Ruins  
History-lovers must venture into Guatemala for the day to explore these ancient Mayan temples and ruins, including the Lost World Pyramid and the Temple of the Grand Jaguar.

Monkey River Nature Tour
Enjoy a boat tour of Monkey River! Enjoy a nice boat ride while being on the lookout for howler monkeys.

Cave Tubing and Zip Lining at Jaguar Paw
Adventure-seekers will get a thrill out of a day trip to Jaguar Paw and participating in the jungle hike, tubing through dark caves and ziplining through the Belizean rainforest.

Bocawina Zip Line & Waterfall Rappelling
Adventure can be taken up a notch at Bocawina Zip Line and Waterfall Rappelling. Zipline on the largest zipline in Belize and/or repel down the 500-foot Antelope Falls or the smaller Bocawina Falls. 

PADI Certifications that are available for an additional fee:
  • PADI Open Water 
  • PADI Advanced Open Water 
  • PADI Rescue 
  • PADI Dive Master (min. 4 weeks program duration to join) 
  • PADI Specialty Course: Deep Diver 
  • PADI Specialty Course: Fish Identification 
  • PADI Specialty Course: Invasive Lionfish
  • PADI Specialty Course: Coral Reef Conservation
  • PADI Specialty Course: Emergency First Response
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