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Volunteer in Czech Republic

Since the fall of communism, the Czech Republic has become one of the most popular Eastern European places to travel in the world. From its founding as the Kingdom of Bohemia to its time spent under the rule of the Austrian Empire and then the Soviet Union, the Czech Republic has has been through a lot of governmental change. As a result, the modern population is friendly, tough and slightly rebellious. In places like Prague, specifically, you can feel an air of rebellion and pursuit of freedom of expression juxtaposed with the remnants of the country’s communist past. Today the Czechs enjoy their freedom in one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Volunteering abroad in the Czech Republic is a great way to experience the culture, people and places in this land. 

As a volunteer in the Czech Republic, you will experience beauty of all kinds. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the largest city in the country and the epicenter of economy, culture and the arts. Its streets are lined with awe-inducing gothic, medieval and baroque architecture, amazing nightlife and a rich foodie scene. You will most likely be located in Prague  for your time in this wonderful country. Outside of the city there are miles and miles of countryside sprinkled with massive castles that will transport you back in time to a more traditional past. The entire country of the Czech Republic is a unique beauty and a wonderful place to volunteer if you are looking to meet travellers from all over the world. 

The main volunteer opportunities available in the Czech Republic involve volunteering or interning at hostels. There are plenty of hostels all over the country that seek to add fun, friendly and outgoing English-speakers to their staff. If you haven’t yet experienced a hostel stay, in any country, you are in for great fun. As a hostel volunteer you could be working a variety of jobs, but regardless of your position, you will have the opportunity to meet people from around the globe. The Czech Republic is a popular destination for travellers around the world therefore it is guaranteed that you will meet interesting people and make lasting friendships all while getting better acquainted with this magical country. If you want to volunteer at a hostel and make lifelong friends, the Czech Republic is the place for you. 
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