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Volunteer in Ireland

Volunteer in the Republic of Ireland with GoEco! Volunteering programs include sustainable farming projects, assisting in an arts center and expanding your teaching skills at a local school. Choose one of these unique projects for a chance to grow your skills while learning more about Irish culture and traveling the Celtic isle’s dazzling landscapes.  
In a nutshell:
●     Sustainable volunteer programs with measurable impacts
●     Ethical values guide all volunteer projects
●     Excellent volunteer reviews and award-winning programs give you peace of mind
●     Comfortable volunteer accommodation, most meals, airport transfers, and 24/7 support are all included in the program fees
●     Have a different kind of European travel experience
Ireland is famed for its windswept Atlantic coastline and lush green hills nourished by plenty of rain. It's also known for a charming culture, with cheerful locals always ready to welcome you with music or laughter. The warmth of the Irish people will make you feel instantly at home.

Then there’s the rich history of ancient lore and fascinating stories stretching back eons. Unravel Ireland’s mysteries and start your own story with a volunteer project on this magical island.
Why volunteer in Ireland?
Ireland is an excellent destination for first-time volunteers. As an English-speaking nation it’s comfortable to travel and an easy place to settle into. It’s also a great choice if you’re seeking to develop professionally by expanding your skill set. 

There’s plenty of scope for you to make a positive impact while learning new life skills you can apply in your home country. For example, there are attractive opportunities for anyone wanting to learn more about farming in a developed country. Volunteer experience in Ireland looks great on a resume and is a credible way of proving you have real-world knowledge off practical subjects.
As a volunteer, you’ll also get the chance to live in Irish homestays and spend time exploring the fairytale landscapes of this Celtic island. From poetically mighty cliffs to moody Atlantic waves and emerald-green fields, Ireland is bursting with experiences that seem to be straight out of a storybook.  
Ireland is a compact country where you’re never more than a few hours away from the coast. Irish towns are colorful and drenched in history, so you’ll often find yourself on cobbled streets or in the gardens of a towering castle. Wherever you land you’ll be able to balance robust outdoor activities such as with a healthy dose of Irish culture. 
GoEco’s Ireland volunteering programs are all located in the southwest of the island, in or near the city of Cork.
Curled around a harbor, Cork is a lively university town. A youthful vibe hums in the air and emerges in the many artisanal coffee shops and cozy pubs where live bands play almost every night of the week. Between grand Georgian avenues, narrow streets, and a network of waterways, you could spend many a happy day strolling around Cork.
Only an hour and a half away from Cork is Clonmel, the center of County Tipperary and the location of some of the education project’s activities. The area is rural and peaceful, but with plenty of bustling villages and secluded castles to explore. Clonmel itself has a pretty waterfront and a collection of historic stone buildings. 

Cork is only a three-hour drive from Dublin, so you’ll be well connected to the rest of Ireland and even further abroad. On weekends, or once you complete your project,  you can explore Ireland’s vibrant capital or use it as a jumping off point to visit other parts of Europe. A flight from Dublin to London only takes around 90 minutes, while Paris is about two hours away. 

What you need to know
Ireland is a safe and friendly country to visit. 

Accommodation - Volunteers typically stay in homestays with local families, or in shared rooms in a volunteer house. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy a social environment and all your creature comforts. 

Cost - Being a European country, the cost of living in Ireland is higher than on some of our other projects. However, this also means a good level of comfort - buses and accommodation are reliable and make it easy to travel around the country. Your major expenses such as housing, meals, and airport transfers, will be included in your program fees. 
Volunteer programs in Ireland
GoEco’s volunteer opportunities in Ireland are a chance to develop your professional skills while exploring the heritage and countryside of Ireland.
Ireland has a lot to offer on the arts and culture front. If working in the arts piques your interest, consider volunteering in GoEco’s Arts Center and Marketing program. You’ll support local art galleries and centers, helping them to engage with a wider audience and making it possible or children to access creative activities. By supporting marketing campaigns and other administrative activities, you’ll pick up useful practical skills that will shine on your resume.
For volunteers considering a career in childcare or teaching, or who already have a qualification in these areas but want more practical experience, GoEco’s education program is a great choice, where you’ll get to organize fun and educational activities for youth. This experience is designed to be a positive cultural exchange, so you’ll live with a host family and have plenty of opportunities to discover the rich history and lush landscapes in the area.
With strong rural traditions, Ireland is an excellent place to join the sustainable farming movement. Get stuck into gardening, animal husbandry, and yogurt making at an eco-farm only 45 minutes outside of Cork. You’ll learn more about living a sustainable lifestyle plus gain insights into related businesses by volunteering at farmers markets and a farm cafe.
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Join GoEco in Ireland to organize education and fun activities for the children and youth of the cities of Cork and Clonmel
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