Road Trip China: From Chengdu to Hainan

Posted by: Alissa L.

The Road Trip China program was really nice. Here is what I did in each location:


I really like the panda project because you get to feed and take care of the adorable pandas and you get to live really close to the base. I wasn’t able to go to the Giant Buddha, but I got to climb a nearby mountain. It was really pretty and it had a lot of waterfalls with beautiful greenery.


I really enjoyed the old town, but I would recommend adding bug spray to the packing list. The chef made a lot of really great food and I especially liked trying some of the local foods like rice paddies and dried persimmon. I liked the bamboo raft, and  the guy who runs it was very nice and he was very willing to help people take pictures.


I really enjoy staying at the oyster farm. I got to go out at night and walk around by the ocean floor at low tide. This was a really amazing experience. The aquatic and marine life there is really cool, and I got to see jellyfish and feed the snapping turtles. Going to the city was great too. I got plenty of downtime and got to shop around for local food. It was a great break after the last few days.


I really like the people I met there they were all really nice and fun. Learning how they farm was cool. I got to see what local farmers do and it was a very different experience than what I had expected. I really like trying the local food and especially the fruit. It was cool that you could pick something and eat it right off the tree or from the ground. Some of the fruits were a coconut from one of the trees and lychees from a bush.