Volunteering in Croatia – A Wonderful Time!

Posted by: Melanie

I came to volunteer for dolphin conservation at the Bottlenose Dolphin Conservation project because I have been fascinated by the dolphins since my childhood. While volunteering we have learned so much about these wonderful creatures – and to see them LIVE in the nature was an absolute highlight!

Our team was especially unique because it team was the oldest ever! We had one younger volunteer that we at once ‘adopted’ and called her “our baby”.

We all harmonized very well. We have worked together, cooked, cleaned, harvested even olives and did also the tours. Almost like in a family! We laughed until our bellies hurt, and everything fit just perfectly! And then, of course, there is a team leader, who, by her cordial, open manner and her presence is a real personality!

It is absolutely a joy, that you can, through the love to the dolphins meet even so dear people!