Volunteering in Indonesia – Simply Stunning

Posted by: Charlotte

After graduating early this summer in Early Childhood Studies, I decided it was time to bring all I have learnt during my three years at university and all my teaching experiences to volunteer abroad this September. Choosing the location was the easy part! It was a must see place to visit and what better way to do this then to volunteer in a local school in Ubud. Luckily my university lecturer showed me GoEco, which I found to be so helpful when booking my first travelling experience. There was always someone to talk to if I needed to ask a question and the process was just so straightforward! Bali was simply stunning and the experience at the Education and Community Work in Bali project was one I’ll never forget.

This first week was an introduction week which was a great way to meet new people and familiarize oneself with the surroundings that I would be living in for a month. During this week we visited the Monkey forest, had a tour around Ubud, went to some rice fields, learnt some Balinese language and cooking and went to the Holy Water temple. It was a jam packed first week but a great way to really embrace the Balinese lifestyle. We also went and watched a Balinese dance show and had a Balinese offering and painting class. All of which contributed to a great first week.

This was a great day as we were able to bathe in the Holy Water and say our own prayers to the Gods. It was great to watch the locals all join together for their offerings and pray together.

The following next three weeks was for teaching. We worked in two local schools in grade 4 where the children in both schools were just so friendly. Some parts were tricky with the children knowing very little English, but with lots of drawings and games the children soon understood. In the morning my partner and I would meet to plan lessons. The organization provided us with various teaching materials and equipment to make the planning not only productive but fun for the children too. We taught the children basic English for example colors, days of the week, months and greetings. The children were fast learners and loved all the games we taught them. Head, shoulders, knees and toes was a favorite.

Overall my experience volunteering in Indonesia with GoEco was just amazing. I loved every minute, the teaching is something I will bring with me throughout my teaching career and the scenic beaches in Gili will never been forgotten. This is just the beginning of my travels with GoEco, which project to do next and where to go … I’m thinking Thailand.