Volunteering in South Africa – Best Summer of my Life

Posted by: Kellie

This past summer has been best summer of my lifetime. For two weeks I got to spend my time volunteering in South Africa at the Wildlife Sanctuary project. This special place will forever me in my heart and I hope one day I will be able to return.

This beautiful place was where I met the most amazing animals and made lifelong friends. Some days consisted of hard work that no one wanted to do (when I went we had to dig a tiger pool) but knowing that you were working hard for such a good reason made it all worth it and made the bad days not so bad. While I was there we also did amazing things like game drives where I got see giraffes up close and even feed them.

Every day here at the sanctuary was different but each day was just as exciting as the next because there can always be surprises. For example, one night in the middle of the night it started to rain. I did not think anything about until I got woken up suddenly and was asked to help put the baby ostriches in the bar. As it turns out, baby ostriches do not handle cold temperature.

That is something I would have never even thought about but it is something cool I learned. This place is truly somewhere where I found happiness and I hope everyone can experience a trip like this.