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Posted By: Gabriel
#Seychelles,#Conservation,#Marine Conservation,#Africa,#Marine and Coral Reef Conservation
The intense learning process began the very first day we arrived, teaching us physiology, behavior and survey methodology of different sea organisms, as well as different aspects of the ocean. At the same time, what we learned we practiced in the ocean through surveys, collecting valuable data for the Seychelles National Park Association (SNPA) to monitor the coral reefs in the country.
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Posted By: Sarah
#Seychelles,#Conservation,#Africa,#Marine and Coral Reef Conservation
Nothing will put a smile on your face like when you see baby turtles. We were so fortunate that we got to see hatchlings during our last week. It was such a wonderful way to end our time on Curieuse. Seeing the little guys make their way down the beach to the sea amazes me every time. They are so small and surprisingly fast for such tiny creatures. I’m sure the “Aaaawwwww”s of all the volunteers were most likely heard on the other side of the island.
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Posted By: Noam
#Seychelles,#Wildlife,#Conservation,#Africa,#Marine and Coral Reef Conservation
I arrived to Curieuse Island in Seychelles and met my group for the next month- 12 amazing people from the US, UK and Germany. When we arrived I felt like I had found paradise, such a beautiful and special place! Every morning it was a pleasure to wake up at 6:30 a.m. and start the day with our awesome surveys - with the sea turtles or with the lemon sharks, the coco de mer trees or go to run in the mud at the mangroves!
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Posted By: Michelle
#Seychelles,#Wildlife,#Conservation,#Africa,#Wildlife and Animal Conservation
The people I met were from all over the world and every culture. I learned so much from the other volunteers; it was great. The ocean and beaches are incredible and our accommodations were right on the beach! Every night we fell asleep to the sounds of waves rolling ashore.
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