GreenMatch is an online service which provides useful information on different types of renewable energy sources. Their mission is “to strive to promote sustainability by providing a one-stop site for people who are interested in making the transition to renewable energy.”

In their mission to promote sustainability and environmental awareness, GreenMatch shortlisted organisations that advocate travel sustainably by engaging in ecotourism activities, giving back to the environment in community projects, reducing their overall carbon footprint and much more.

GoEco was selected as one of Greenmatch’s Top Eco-Traveling Enthusiasts of 2017 –

“The mass tourism industry is one of the leading causes of environmental degradation today. Sustainable voluntourism and eco-travel provide ways to expand your world view in an eco-friendly way. You will reduce your carbon footprint by living like a local. Volunteers stay in local accommodations, use local transportation, eat what the locals eat and dedicate their time to community improvement initiatives. Voluntourists learn how to travel responsibly!”