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Volunteer for Community Aid and Development

Volunteering at a community aid project is an amazing way to make a lasting impact on some of the poorest communities in the world while being immersed in local culture.  Community aid volunteering focuses on developing important and lasting infrastructures which can include constructing and renovating buildings, supporting educational initiatives,  assisting with medical outreach and healthcare, creating sustainable business and tourism models and much more.

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Help raise awareness and provide support to young girls and women in Cape Town - investing in their basic human rights and the South African community at large
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This is the ultimate teen volunteer adventure experience! Spend an amazing two weeks with other teens; exploring, volunteering, camping and having adventures in Costa Rica. This program is perfect for first-time travelers!
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Assist in a community aid program through constructing and renovating a local school in Ethiopia that caters to underprivileged children. Gain experience in tasks related to construction, masonry and painting
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Join one of GoEco's most-loved programs with your family! Explore the Singburi region on Thailand and lend a hand at your choice of community development programs. This program welcomes families with children who are five years of age...
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