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TEFL and Teaching

The world of TEFL and TESOL is an ever-growing one; the demand for English native speakers worldwide has never been higher, making employment prospects abundant. If you are interested in working or volunteering as an English instructor all around the world, there are a few facts you must know.

TEFL or TESOL Certification: What is it, and what can you achieve with it?
TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language; it is an educational field that encompasses English instruction for non-native English speakers. A TEFL certification is the required accreditation in order to teach English as a second language. The requirements of attaining this certificate vary from country to country. An online TEFL course is an 11-week program, while courses in countries like Spain or Thailand usually take place over the course of four weeks. Subsequent to completing the course and passing the exam, you will receive a globally-recognized TEFL certificate and enter the teaching-experience phase of the program.

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and while the terms TESOL and EFL are often used interchangeably, technically, TESOL is the term used to refer to teaching non-native speakers English in English-speaking countries, such as the US, UK and Australia. After completing most of our courses, you will receive lifelong assistance in the search for job openings in TEFL. The salary varies from country to country and depends on factors such as experience, training and education, but the average pay can range from $950-2,400 a month in Barcelona and $800-1,000 in Koh Samui. Our TEFL partners can help you form connections in local schools and agencies whose agendas involve helping the local communities and providing children with the proper education and tools they need in order to better their lives. 

Our TEFL Courses: What should you expect?
Generally, anyone over the age of 18 can take a TEFL course. There is no one single accrediting body for TEFL courses; instead, TEFL courses are required to meet certain standards agreed upon by leading accrediting bodies and thousands of language schools worldwide in order obtain clearance for TEFL certification.

These requirements include at least 100 hours of coursework, at least 6 hours of actual teaching practice time with ESL (English as a Second Language) students, instructors who are experienced and hold at least an MA in teaching TEFL or linguistics, and a curriculum that is monitored by an independent organization in the TEFL field.  As most countries around the world accept TEFL, after acquiring your TEFL certification, you will be able to teach English in countless fascinating countries worldwide, such as Spain, Italy, Cambodia, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and many more. Please keep in mind that some countries have additional requirements for TEFL teachers – such as a Bachelor’s degree. However, you do not need an academic degree in order to receive a TEFL certification.

Our TEFL courses in SpainThailand and the US are composed of intensive, university-level, full-time four weeks, during which you will learn the skills and methodology needed to teach English, such as language acquisition, classroom management and lesson planning. Our online TEFL course is eleven-weeks-long, and it consists of live webinars, chats, and lectures. As with our other courses, upon completing the online course, you will receive a TEFL certification which is accredited worldwide. 

Taking a TEFL Course Online vs. Abroad: Advantages and disadvantages
While our Thailand course demands candidates with enthusiasm and flexibility, as well as a police clearance form and relevant immunization, our Spain course requires students to be fluent in English and hold a GED/High School Diploma. Of course – both require a laptop with a lasting battery life of at least four hours. In addition, the online program students must submit a copy of government-issued photo identification and have their own desktop/laptop with consistent, reliable Internet connection, basic knowledge of computer skills and access to Microsoft Word (or another program that is compatible with Microsoft Word).

While taking a TEFL certification course abroad can help you in finding TEFL jobs in the country you chose to be in through networking, making friends, adjusting to the new culture in a gradual manner, and being able to travel, taking a TEFL course online allows you to keep your options open regarding where you want to teach and to obtain a TEFL certification online, in the comfort of your own home.
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The dire need for TEFL instructors all over the world is undeniable. Apart from serving as a wonderful opportunity to travel and explore, teaching English abroad is one of the many ways to contribute and give back to the international society and various communities all over the world. If you are interested in traveling abroad, living and working in foreign countries, exploring new cultures and want to teach English abroad as a foreign language our courses are the perfect fit for you.
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