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Volunteer for Education

Access to quality education is an important issue, facing countless populations around the world today and a valuable way to make an impact and engage in a unique cultural exchange, in whatever field you choose to volunteer. 

Unfortunately, lack of educational resources and opportunities for learning are not accessible to a large portion of teachers and students across the globe. In countries where schools and teachers aren’t readily available, volunteers can really make a difference by sharing their expertise and enthusiasm. Inspired and motivated volunteers can inspire children and adults alike, to reach their own personal goals - allowing room for both progression and development within their own communities and the country at large.

Choosing to volunteer abroad in education will afford you the opportunity to select any country in the world and make a difference there. The options are truly endless and how you wish to contribute depends on the tasks you would like to get involved in. There is always something to do when it comes to improving education and any contribution will be well-received.

Perhaps you would like to help build or maintain a formal learning environment, like a school or community center. Without a space dedicated to learning it’s impossible for any teaching or learning to take place.   

Many volunteers choose to aid in educational development by sharing their own knowledge and expertise through hands - on teaching. This can take many forms and subjects taught also vary from school to country. Most of the time you can select the age group and type of lessons you want to teach. Opportunities to manage and oversee extra-curricula activities are also a huge benefit to community development projects perhaps you want to run an English school, a football tournament or an arts and culture club! Volunteers are always needed to help increase awareness and knowledge on important subjects like health, nutrition and even technology.

Many volunteer abroad with wildlife projects also have an education component where volunteers help raise awareness about the importance of conservation and protection of endangered animals to both the local communities and tourists visiting the project or area. All you need to volunteer abroad in education is the motivation and drive to make a difference!

Teach English Abroad

GoEco offers a wide selection of programs focused on teaching English to children and adults. In countries like Nepal. Thailand and Peru,  standard English teaching is quite poor and does not afford students the opportunity to attain real proficiency in the language, which might become a professional obstacle in their adult life. Our volunteers are actively involved in encouraging and inspiring their students, ensuring that they are confident and articulate. Our global English education projects include:
  • Providing English language enrichment through group conversations or one-on-one practice
  • Conducting English classes in a varied and dynamic way
  • Playing games, singing songs, watching movies - making English fun
  • Teaching lessons in English vocabulary, grammar and spelling
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Help raise awareness and provide support to young girls and women in Cape Town - investing in their basic human rights and the South African community at large
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Inspire primary school children in Vientiane to learn English and pursue their ambitions. Take in all the capital city of Laos has to offer while making a difference in the lives of children who need it most
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Volunteer in the ancient city of Cuzco teaching English abroad and enjoy touring and trekking around the Andes Mountains and world famous Machu Picchu! 
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Volunteer with individuals who want to develop their skills in a variety of areas. Guide, mentor and collaborate with driven local community members to develop ideas, teach different trades, and become more self-sufficient
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