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Israel - Multicultural Eco Summer Camp

Volunteer at an exciting multi-cultural summer camp for Druze, Christian, and Muslim youth in northern Israel. This is an amazing opportunity to experience the region's unique cultures and make new friends from around the world.



Fast Facts

Location of ProjectNorthern Israel
Project Length16 days
Arrival AirportTel Aviv, Ben Gurion
Volunteer WorkCamp Counselor, teaching English
Number of ParticipantsMin 4 - Max 6 volunteers
Age20 - 40
Project dates 28 July - 11 August, 2016
Restrictions Please note that due to the cultural norms of those living in the area we can only accommodate female volunteers.

What's Included

AccommodationLocal family homestay
Food3 meals a day (except during orientation)
SupportLocal in-country team and 24hr emergency support
Orientation GoEco volunteer and travel orientation in Jerusalem
Pre-Departure Kit Full project details will be sent following registration
Health Insurance Comprehensive health insurance for volunteering in Israel

What's Not Included

Flights, airport transfer to Jerusalem (budget around $20), local transportation to and from project (budget around $50), travel insurance, personal expenses


The Galilee, a mountainous region bathed in natural beauty, covers a large area of northern Israel.  The national antiquities parks, farming communities, nature reserves Jewish holy sites make this part of Israel popular for visitors.  This area is densely populated with a variety of ethnic communities of Druze, Muslims and Jews. Because of this diversity and the history of the area, visitors will find an exciting mix of colors, sounds, cuisine, cultures and traditions.


About the Project

This project was developed in cooperation with the Israel Association of Community Centers' (IACC) mission is to advance the quality of life in Israel's most diverse communities by tailoring programs to the unique needs of each community.  GoEco volunteers will have the opportunity to work alongside the IACC staff and volunteers from the National Israeli Service for Adult Volunteering (known as SHALEM) in one of several small villages located in northern Israel.  The camp is open to children from local Druze, Christian, and Muslim communities and is based on the principles of coexistence, arts, sports, and ecology, all taught in English.


Orientation in Jerusalem

Your volunteer adventure will start off with a GoEco orientation at a fantastic hostel in the center of Jerusalem. The orientation is a great way to meet fellow volunteers and travelers, and includes the following:

  • Volunteer preparation and travel directions to the program
  • Expert advice for traveling around Israel during and after your volunteer placement
  • Walking tour of Jerusalem, including the Old City and the famous Machane Yehuda market
  • Discount card to experience Jerusalem's vibrant nightlife
  • 1 night dorm accommodation and breakfast (private rooms are available at an extra price)

The GoEco orientation will begin at 10:00 AM on Thursday, July 28th. The next morning, you will travel to their volunteer project via public transportation. Full travel details to Jerusalem and the project will be provided upon registration.

During the first 2 days of the volunteering period, you will settle in with your host family and prepare for the summer camp.



Volunteer Work and Contribution

 During your time on this project, you will be assisting in the running of this unique and diverse summer camp program for children. The schedule and activities may change according to demand and unforeseeable events but in general volunteer activities may include:

  • Organizing various activities for the campers
  • Setting up and conducting workshops on ecology, sports, music, and arts
  • Rotating between the workshops to teach English
  • Escorting day trips (e.g. swimming pool, nature hikes, theme park, etc.)

Volunteer hours during the camp day will be 08:30 - 14:00. Between 14:00 - 16:00 you will have time to prepare activities for the next day.

**Please note that due to the cultural norms of those living in the area we can only accommodate females on this project.  


Living Arrangements

Accommodations: You will have the opportunity to live with a local family during the program, allowing you to learn more about local customs and cuisine. At the home stay, you will have a single or shared room with a bed, linens, and shared bathroom.

Food: You will eat breakfast and dinner at the home stay, and lunch will be given at the Community Center.

Laundry: Limited laundry facilities are available.

Internet: Available at local internet cafes.


Travel Highlights

Volunteers will join day trips to the beautiful Sea of Galilee and other local attractions. During the evenings, volunteers can socialize and use the local gym. The community center and host families will try and organize extra activities including cooking classes and lectures.


Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum age 20, maximum age 40
  • High level of English (very important)
  • Excellent state of health
  • No alcohol during stay at village
  • Clothes that cover shoulders and knees 
  • Motivation to work with children
  • Open mind and willingness to experience new cultures
  • Police Clearance Form
  • C.V. / Resume


Cultural Points

This program is a unique cultural experience and volunteers need to respect local customs that are very different from what is common back home, for example: 

  • It is forbidden for volunteers to drink alcohol while staying at the village
  • Volunteers are expected to inform their host families where they are going after volunteer hours and not return late at night. 
  • Volunteers need to be highly motivated to work and practice English with children and host families, even though it may be difficult to communicate.
  • Other cultural points will be given during the orientation and camp.  



Here's an excerpt of Veronika's experience:


"Imagine 10 small, adorable Drusian children running around you while yelling “Tiger, Tiger, Tiger.” The most daring run, carefully towards you, and laughing all the way. What they have figured out is that, in a minute, you will turn into a dangerous, roaring tiger who will catch and tickle them. When the game is over, you all sit down in a big circle (you have a happy kid on each leg) and Angham, another volunteer, sits across from you (also with a child on each leg), smiling, while you start teaching the colours in English."

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Here's an excerpt of Xin's experience:



"It was extremely rewarding to witness [the kids] increase their knowledge while enjoying themselves at the same time. During the camp, we played games at the pool and even made trips to the Safari Park and the Druze holy land. Looking back now I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to volunteer in Israel because it was the best summer of my life!"

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Here's an excerpt of Bexsyra's experience:

  "The most exciting part about my journey was learning about the different cultures and religions. You can read about such things or watch them on TV but it is nothing like experiencing them first hand. I think it’s very important to learn that there are people in this world who were raised differently from you, have different religions, eat different kinds of food but yet you can still relate to them in so many ways.!"

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Here's an excerpt of Anca's experience:

  "At the end of it all, despite the various hurdles we had to learn to tackle, I felt exhilarated about my experience and astonished and proud for the children when I got up on the stage with them during the closing ceremony to show the parents two of the many songs my teaching partner, Sarah, and I had taught them. I felt reassured that this was one of the most positive experiences I have ever had!"

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Here's an excerpt of Sylvie's experience:

  "Before the project started, I was impressed by the smooth communication with GoEco and the amount of information I got as I was not used to it. It was nice to see that by the end they were able to have short conversations with us and that they were trying to communicate and to tell us their stories. It was moving how they introduced us proudly to their parents and how they loved their siblings and cared for them..."

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