Volunteer in Indonesia

Note: In addition to the programs below you can also check out our volunteer programs in Bali. The magnificent archipelago of Indonesia consists of about 17,000 islands, 300 native ethnicities and 700 dialects. Its national maxim is “Unity in Diversity” for a reason! It is an extremely biodiverse country: over 60% of the country is made up of lush rainforest, and volcanic conditions give life to a wide range of plants and animals. With an abundant ecological presence comes the need for environmental protection, therefore, many volunteer programs consist of projects such as eco-conservation, wildlife rescue, and agriculture. In certain areas there are also volunteer opportunities related to education, healthcare and community building. Choose to volunteer in Indonesia and learn what diversity is really about. The most popular volunteer locations are Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo, Sulawesi, and West Papua. The category of your volunteer work will steer your destination options. Java is the island that houses over fifty percent of the country’s population and the country’s capital, Jakarta. Jakarta is the largest city and has any volunteer opportunity you can imagine. Bali is a beautiful, ecologically abundant island where tourists flock in search of serenity. The majoritively hindu locals have a colorful culture and lend to the island’s relaxed atmosphere. Popular volunteer opportunities in Bali consist of working with various community members, including children and hands on conservation of sea turtles. The island of Borneo is home to the oldest forest in the world which has over 15,000 types of plants. It also contains the highest peak in southeast Asia – this island is a treat for the eyes. Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, anti-poaching operations, and environmental conservation are amongst the popular volunteer opportunities offered in Borneo. This island is known for its extensive orangutan presence and offers many opportunities in conserving the population. With so many volunteer options, what exactly is it you want to do? Volunteering in conservation is a way to help conserve the lands of Indonesia. Because of the country’s biodiversity, many people unfortunately sell orangutans, sun bears, turtles and more on the black market. Help save these animals and join forces with an anti-poaching or rehabilitation organization. There is also opportunity to volunteer in anti-deforestation, coral reef and marine life protection, environmental education, and recycling. Other popular volunteer opportunities lie in relief efforts. Due to the country’s volcanic activity, natural phenomena like earthquakes and tsunamis occur often. There are always ongoing relief efforts, and a little extra help goes a long way in the lives of those who have been negatively affected. By volunteering in disaster relief you can build/perform community development, educate children or work in other service organizations. Volunteering in Indonesia will provide you with the chance to help an ecosystem and a people that would benefit greatly from a helping hand. Get to know the diversity and dense beauty of this unique cluster of islands while possibly learning a few languages along the way! Volunteering abroad in Indonesia will be an adventure impossible to forget!

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Volunteer in Bali, a beautiful region surrounded by marine life and amazing scenery. Work with injured and rescued sea turtles to rehabilitate them and educate others about the importance of ensuring this species’ survival.

Volunteer in Bali, one of Indonesia’s most recognized and picturesque islands. Make a difference through teaching in underdeveloped villages and inspiring community members to strive towards a brighter and more sustainable future!

This week-long cultural experience is the perfect way to start your volunteer abroad vacation! Meet fellow participants and future volunteers, learn about traditional customs and go sightseeing.