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Volunteer in Brazil

Home to the world’s largest festival, Carnaval, Brazil is a country filled with vibrant street parties, fried street food, white sand deserts, blue lagoons, rainforest and shimmering beaches. Yet Brazil is more than just a spectacular tourist destination.

Ordem e progresso. Order and progress is the national motto that is written across Brazil’s flag…yet it is not an accurate representation of the country’s current state. Over one million people, more than 25% of the Rio population, live in the low-income slums called favelas, in this one city alone. This large rate of poverty creates the high demand for international volunteers.

Lend a hand by volunteering in a favela and help to restore order and progress to this beautiful country that has so much potential.
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Volunteer to provide care for young children in Rio de Janeiro! Explore the beautiful beach scene of Rio and spend three days per week volunteering to make a difference in the most vulnerable communities in Rio
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Teach art to local children in Rio and assist in the beautifying of its underprivileged, lower-income communities. On the surface the art makes the community more beautiful and residents are more proud of their community. Long-term...
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