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Volunteer in Chile

This is your chance to experience life in Chile, one of the most beautiful countries in South America. Chile is greatly urbanized, with a hefty percent of the population residing in the Santiago area. Chile extends along the Pacific Coast, with Peru to the north and Bolivia and Argentina to the east. It is a country with varying landscapes, from its marble caves and crystal waters in the heart of the Patagonia to its dry, fire-red Atacama Desert and metropolitan capital city of Santiago. There's few better places to learn Spanish and volunteer than Chile.

There are a wide array of volunteer projects in the capital city of Santiago, the most unique of which being a project in equine therapy. South America has always been known for its “alternative medicine” culture: however, the use of horses in a therapeutic capacity is gaining popularity worldwide. Equine therapy is not just limited to physical therapy; there are studies suggesting that the grooming and caring for these animals could provide non-medicinal treatment benefits for those with mood depressive disorders. So volunteer in the Andes-bordered (have we already used foothills?) metropolis of Santiago with GoEco to experience first-hand this popular therapy method as a volunteer at the center.

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Volunteer hands-on with phsyical therapy horses in the capital city of Santiago de Chile! Work closley with horses just at the foothills of the beautiful, snow-capped Andes Mountains!
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