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Impacts and Achievements 2018

Posted by: Daniella A.
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#Volunteer Vacations and Tours

All GoEco volunteer programs are carefully vetted. We promote programs that empower local communities and encourage sustainable, lasting change and are in line with our ethical values. We monitor consistently the effects of our programs to ensure that they are making a positive impact and have achievable, sustainable long-term goals. We work with partner organizations that understand the importance of sustainability and whose projects work towards achieving a long-term goal. Below are just a few examples of the impacts and achievements of our most popular programs to date!

Teach, Surf and Skate in Cape Town
Volunteer in South Africa - Teach, Surf and Skate in Cape Town

Since this program was created, over 300 children living in settlement in Cape Town, South Africa have learned to swim and 80 children have learned how to surf! Some of the kids from the adventure club have even gone on to become sponsored by major surf brands and compete in national and international surfing contests! This program works with both boys and girls, and in this way helps to break down gender barriers and stereoytypes.

Private Island Marine Experience
Volunteer in Belize - Private Island Marine Experience

This project is the leader in lionfish removal in all of Belize and estimates that they will remove 7,000 lionfish this year and dissect 1,585 for research purposes. The conch population in Belize is endangered form overfishing, but this project has been able to locate two important new breeding grounds. Whale shark photos taken on this project are entered into the public Whale Shark Sightings Database that is accessed by researchers and scientists for preservation.

Whale Shark and Marine Conservation
Volunteer in Mozambique - Whale Shark and Marine Conservation

Over the last decade, there has been an 80 percent decrease in the Mozamibque whale shark population. The research and data collected on this program aids in the making of recommendations for the improvement of conservation efforts as well as creating general awareness about the marine environment. Volunteers have so far helped to identify over 400 whale sharks and add them to global database

Wildlife Rescue Center
Volunteer in Malawi - Wildlife Rescue Center

The Wildlife Rescue Center in Malawi takes in injured and orphaned animals, including many vervet monkeys. In Malaiwi many animals are losing their habitats, and many vervet monkeys are unfortunately subjected to the illegal wildlife trade. In 2017, this center rescued 89 animals, performed 190 veterinary procedures and had 286 animals under rehabilitation

Orangutan and Wildlife Rescue Center
Volunteer in Indonesia - Orangutan and Wildlife Rescue Center

This center on the island of Java in Indonesia takes in all different kinds of wildlife, ranging from orangutans to crocodiles! The center and its volunteers work to rehabilitate the ones that can be released back into the wild once healed. This center rescued 17 animals and released 20 others in 2017!

To Sum Up...
From South Africa all the way to a private island in Belize, GoEco programs and volunteers are making a real impact! South African girls are learning to break down gender barriers by learning to swim, surf, and skate while new conch breeding grounds are being discovered in Caribbean waters. Every program, whether marine or wildlife conservation, teaching, or medical, has a long-term goal and GoEco volunteers are vital in helping local organizations achieve them.