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Impacts and Achievements 2018: Volume 2

Posted by: Daniella A.
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#Volunteer Vacations and Tours

GoEco is proud to announce that we have been named "Top Volunteer Abroad Organization 2018" by GoAbroad! Our volunteers work tirelessly at our different programs around the world to make a lasting impact. GoEco works to ensure that all of our volunteering opportunities are in line with our sustainable values. We monitor our programs and collect data from our partners to ensure that our programs are producing results and positive impacts. Below are just a few examples of the outstanding impacts and achievements of these programs from 2018.
Jungle Trekking and Sea Turtle Conservation
This year, volunteers at the programs in the Perhentian Islands cleaned beaches, collecting over 550 kilograms of trash! Our volunteers also assisted in the creation of recycling programs in the local schools.

Volunteer in Malaysia - Jungle Trekking and Sea Turtle Conservation

 In addition, volunteers protected 80 sea turtle nests, released 4776 sea turtle hatchlings into the sea, completed more than 90 marine surveys, educated 1156 snorkelers with eco practices and patrolled over 144 kilometers of rainforest on mainland Malaysia!

African Wildlife Orphanage
In addition to being one of the most-loved GoEco programs, this volunteer program has done a lot of work to save endangered wildlife! This program works closely with the national parks and government to ensure that released animals are going into protected areas. This year, this program took in a rescued baby vervet monkey, taught local school about animal conservation and different species and so much more.

Zimbabwe - African Wildlife Orphanage

Volunteers and staff rescued a hyena from a drop trap, chipped him and released him. Volunteers rehabilitated 15 tortoises, many of which had been burnt in bush fires, and took in rescued pangolins. The pangolin is the most trafficked animal in Zimbabwe. The volunteers assisted staff at this program in the chipping of these animals and released them into the Mantobo National Park.

Marine and Turtle Conservation
Another most-loved wildlife conservation program that produced great results! In 2018, this program rescued 49 sea turtles, brought them into the center, rehabilitated them and released them back into the ocean.

Volunteers on this program work closely with the professional marine biologists at the center, and assist in rescues, many of which involve “ghost” nets of fishermen.

Penguin and Marine Bird Sanctuary
This program takes in penguins that wash up injured in Port Elizabeth.

South Africa - Penguin and Marine Bird Sanctuary

The volunteers assist in the rehabilitation of the injured penguins and join their release. The most recent release was the rehabiliation and release of 13 African penguins back into the ocean on December 11th.

Private Island Marine Experience
This program is the leader in lionfish data collection and removal in all of Belize! This program has removed close to 7,000 invasive lionfish this year- a task that helps preserve the species of fish and marine life that are actually native to Belize.

Belize - Private Island Marine Experience

In addition to the daily conservation work, volunteers on this program helped remove 25 bags of plastic and polyester foam from another Belizean island’s beach and assisted in sea turtle conservation! In July, an endangered Hawksbill sea turtle came ashore the private island but she was unable to dig a nest for her eggs in the rocky sand, so our volunteers dug a hole for her. The turtle returned the next night and laid 100 eggs – and she returned throughout the summer to lay a total of 400 eggs!