Combining Travel with Volunteer Work in Israel

Danielle L.

Israel is a small country yet filled with so much culture, history, holy landmarks, amazing cuisine, and beautiful sights. It takes about 4 hours to travel the entire country in length and is even shorter in width. Israel is about the size of New Jersey but filled with drastically different climatic zones and diverse topography. In about two hours of travel, you can go from mountains to desert. Not many countries have such a diverse landscape in such a small radius. It is hard to imagine the changing geography, but it is easier to believe when you can see it with your own eyes, join GoEco on your next volunteer adventure to Israel.


Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, a diverse culture, or a more religious experience Israel is the place for you. There are five must-visit cities that embody the Israel experience.These cities are Tel Aviv, Safed, Jerusalem, Haifa and Eilat. Each of these cities offers a different perspective on Israel and the people who inhabit these cities live a very unique life.

Tel Aviv is known as the city that never sleeps and is located right alongside the Mediterranean coast. The picturesque city has a unique beach vibe with a vibrant nightlife. Jerusalem is called the holy city and for good reason, as it has one of the most visited holy sites. This city is claimed as a holy city by the three largest religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Within Jerusalem lies the Western Wall where many people go to pray or admire its historic feel. Safed is known as one of Israel’s most spiritual cities. This picturesque city is full of religion, tradition, and is known for its beautiful art and temples. Haifa is yet another bustling city of Israel with its rolling hills and the infamous Bahai Garden attraction. The gardens are manicured to perfection and each flower is precisely trimmed. Eilat is located in southern Israel and is a part of the Negev Desert. This city is known for its hot climate, shopping on the boardwalk, and of course the crystal clear blue waters and coral reef. Due to Israel’s small size, you have the ability to see and experience all of these places in just one visit!


There are exciting and meaningful volunteer programs in Israel, each of which can be tailored to fit your ideal experience. Each of these programs offers something different for the country and to each volunteer.

In Tel Aviv, you can package food for hungry families, assist in your choice of two animal shelters or work at various centers that cater to those with special needs. Not only will you experience the booming and bustling Tel Aviv culture, but weekends will be free for you to travel and explore the rest of Israel.


There are two options if you would like to experience life in the holy city of Jerusalem. Volunteers have the opportunity to work with a local organization that prepares and delivers food baskets to needy families all over the country. Tasks will include sorting food, preparing baskets, and distributing them to local families in need. This work is crucial to the livelihood of many of these families as they rely on the food and special items placed in each basket made by the volunteers. Another option is volunteering at a school for at-risk teenagers. Here you will provide a safe and comfortable environment for troubled youth. At this garden program, you will interact with the students and help cultivate the garden while building their social skills and acting as a positive influence.


There are three programs in the desert part of Israel. One of these options includes working at a desert wildlife reserve. Volunteer work will include feeding and caring for animals, cleaning their enclosures, and helping to repopulate the nature reserve. Learn about these animals’ unique environment and ability to survive in a harsh desert climate. Work with a variety of animals from tiny tortoises to leopards and oryxes and gain experience in animal care.


Not far from the wildlife reserve is a sustainable, environmental conservation-focused eco-community project. As a volunteer at the Desert Eco-Kibbutz program, you will take part in agricultural, sustainability and related tasks.


In Eilat you can dive into a marine conservation opportunity! This program works to protect and preserve the coral reef that is home to countless fish species. Here you will conduct ethical volunteer work like cleaning the plankton off the protective ropes, ensuring the safety of visitors and the reef, and learn about the fish species in their natural habitat.


Israel is a place of so many wonders and travel options. Whether you are looking to explore all over the country and learn about the diverse culture or just looking to experience the customary life in one place, Israel is the place to go! Take a leap and join GoEco on your next travel adventure to the Middle East. Every year, people come from around the world to visit and explore this distinct country. Immerse yourself in the exciting, vibrant, and diverse country of Israel on your next volunteer trip.