Where should you volunteer next? Try the new GoEco filter to find out!

Augmented reality has landed on our screens and the madness is real. We have created for you a special filter that helps you find out what your next volunteer adventure should be.

Included are our top volunteering programs that have been hand-picked from our varied selection of affordable, ethical volunteer programs abroad. So, if you are not sure and need some guidance, this is a fantastic tool to get your mind dreaming and your next vacation a reality.

Volunteering while travelling is a unique experience where you get to immerse yourself in a new culture, and give back at the same time. On these programs, you will make friends with like-minded individuals from all around the world, learn about wildlife conservation efforts, help kids and teachers attain a better future and so much more.

Don’t know how to start? Get ahead on the interactive experience and find out what is your next volunteer destination. To start your adventure, click on this link, hold record and wait for your results.



Don’t keep this filter to yourself, recommend someone who you think will be great at volunteering and get them involved. Tag GoEco, tag a friend and post the results. It’s easy to find a program, let’s get the word out there!

Things are changing in this world and you are at the starting point.

This augmented reality filter was created by Filterim