Amy’s Experience at the Orangutan and Wildlife Rescue Center

Posted by: Amy C.

My time in Java was unlike any other experience I have ever had. When arriving home with friends and family asking “How was your trip?” I don’t even know where to begin or the words to use to describe it. The four weeks I spent at the Wildlife Rescue Center was life-changing and tremendously eye opening.

Being my first solo overseas trip I had no expectations, and a fresh mind ready to absorb every experience and opportunity that came my way. Each day was unique and each night I’d climb into bed with a mind full of new memories and moments to cherish.

Deciding to book this volunteer trip has been my best decision yet. Being a volunteer, you see and experience more than any tourist could dream of – I well and truly felt like a local. I loved being immersed into a different culture and way of living that was so different to mine back home.

The weekdays spent working at the sanctuary were incredibly rewarding. Its not very often you get to say that you spent the day with Orangutans, let alone 4 weeks!  Getting to see all the different animal species and learning the individual personalities of each of them, I didn’t realise how much I had already learnt until it came time to help the new volunteers and teach them all the tricks of the trade!