An Eye-Opening Experience in Nepal

Posted by: Yuan L.

Two weeks in Nepal is quite short, but it is enough to experience local customs and culture. At first I was nervous about the trip because Nepal is unfamiliar to me. Also, it was the first time I joined this kind of volunteer program so I didn’t know what would happen. However, all the worries went away after I meet the local team. They were super kind and helpful.

The first week was the introduction week, when we had opportunity to get to know about the culture. We gained some basic knowledge of Hinduism, Nepalese, yoga,etc. What impressed me most was the cooking section. All of us gathered together around the table, cut the potatoes, blended the flour, and made special bread. It was fun and made us closer. I think the first week is necessary for us, because it gives time for the volunteers to adapt to local culture and life. Volunteers are from different parts of the world, but one week is a comfortable time for us to see the environment where we will go on the volunteer work.

In the second week we started our program and went to different places. My program was Educational Outreach in Kathmandu. The experience was definitely unforgettable. The condition of the school was not so good, but the children were smiling and waving to us. I was sent to the kindergarten. The students there couldn’t understand much English, but they gave us a warm welcome. Children there love singing and dancing, they performed traditional Hindus dance before we left. I can feel the passion of the children, from their eyes and their words. One week is too short for the teaching and I hope more and more volunteers can come and help these children.