Ana’s Volunteer Experience in Nepal

Posted by: Ana R.

From the first time I saw the description of the Empowering Women in Kathmandu project on the GoEco website I knew that was the one for me. I was ready to embrace this new and exciting experience in less than a month.

The cultural differences I felt between Nepal and Romania, my home country, presented no barrier for starting my experience with an open heart together with other 20 volunteers and staff members I met. My motto was clear “Experience everything!”.

The two weeks I spent teaching the amazing women I met there were a wonderful and complex experience. We sang songs at the beginning, laughed and discovered new things together, language being no obstacle. I was pleasantly surprised that even when the class was over, or in any other free moment they had, they were constantly trying to repeat and improve their knowledge. It was an honor to work with these smart and powerful women.

In the afternoon I spent my time either teaching small children English at school or having fun with the children from the disabled home and orphanage. In both places I met incredible personalities and smart minds ready and enthusiastic to embrace the future. The children from school were persevering always finishing my handouts as quickly as possible eager to receive “smiley faces”. In the disabled home, together with volunteers, children did amazing things, playing or doing homework. One day I had the chance to see the explosion of happiness, smiles and tricks they played as it was the birthday of one of the kids. They shared their stories and aspirations with us and I was more than happy to be part even for a bit from this wonderful community.

For me, this experience was unique and it was increasingly filled with happiness as days passed. I tried to take maximum advantage of my last days there, spending time with other volunteers or wandering around the city. Definitely this experience shaped my personality and I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to volunteer in such an amazing place.

If you are an adventurer, go share your knowledge and experience with the amazing people of Nepal!