Annika’s Volunteer Experience in South Africa – Animal Fanatic in Cape Town

Posted by: Annika F.

Are you looking for an experience you will never ever forget in your life? Then you should definitely consider volunteering with GoEco. So far, this was the best decision in my life.

I chose to volunteer at the Animal Rescue and Veterinary Shelter in Cape Town trough GoEco.

The registration was very easy and GoEco helped me a lot with every required thing for volunteering abroad, since I have never done that before.

I was working from Monday to Friday from 9a.m to 4p.m, with Fridays being a little bit shorter – until 12. I chose to volunteer 3 months, even though I’ve had no idea if I would like it or not. I just wanted to work, do good and be far away from home.

But one thing’s for sure: It was the best experience of my life. And if I could, I would have never left.

The local management team introduces you to everything and everyone but then prefers to let you do your thing. They want you to show initiative. Slowly I got to know the office, clinic and kennel staff and also all of the 120 dogs! The best feeling ever is, when you know every dogs name and you can actually talk about them!

Soon the manager told me I could also show people around in order to find a dog they could adopt! This was definitely one of my highlights.

In addition I was allowed to help in the clinic. Of course, this work is not for everybody but I was very interested in assisting the on-site vet and preparing the animals for operations! I got to learn so many things and I couldn’t be more grateful.

The living situation was sometimes a bit complicated because of so many people living in the same house with just two bathrooms, one for girls and one for boys. Nevertheless I made some friends and it was definitely an experience.

The Management was nice and helpful. You grow together as a bit of a family, especially if you stay for such a long time as I did.

To put everything in a nutshell, I will never regret my unbelievable journey to South Africa. It is such a beautiful place to be. With beaches, mountains and wine lands!

I was originally supposed to study in Germany, but right after my stay in Cape Town I transferred my studies to South Africa. Now I will be able to continue my volunteering work at the Animal Rescue and Veterinary Shelter and study for 3 years.

Volunteering definitely changed my life. Will it change yours too?